The future of DMD

Hi guys!

I’d like to start off firstly by giving you my apologies for the lack of posts regarding any updates on the future of DMD.

My team and I have spent pretty much every day of the past month and a half, working on my new visual novel “Melody”.

I’ve only just received clearance from Patreon that our script and walkthrough abides by their recently changed rules and regulations, and we are good to go to release it.

I sincerely hope that you will at least give our new game a try, and will help me promote Melody to those who you feel will be interested in my work.

As I’ve always said, without your ongoing support, none of this would’ve even been possible.

Which brings me to the news I’m sure plenty of you have been looking forward to reading from me…

We will start working on Melody v0.0.2 after this week’s premiere release on Friday. Then once v0.0.2 is released, we will START WORK ON v18 OF DMD, which we are hoping to release around the END OF MAY! 

Our intention is to release two episodes of Melody (Friday and one next month), then one of DMD (v18) in May. Then we’ll go back to work on Melody in June.

It’s not ideally how we want to do things, but until we find an ideal platform we can use and it contains a consistent, secure and reliable payment system (monthly, like Patreon), then this is the way we will do things for the time being. Moving to the right platform is pretty much the only thing stopping me from going back to making DMD each and every month. I hope that by the time DMD v.18 gets released, a new platform will be available but I sincerely doubt that.

Even creating and releasing Melody one month, and DMD the other is another option I’ve looked at. But we’ll see how things go.

I know plenty of you just want to see DMD continue, and have feared that the end of the game will not eventuate. So the point of this post is so I can lay those fears you have to rest.

I’ve said previously that I will finish DMD no matter what, and I fully intend to keep that promise. It just won’t be as simple as I had hoped it would be. But in order for us to get to a conclusion, I’ll need your ongoing support for both games.

Of course, if circumstances change during this year, then so will our plans. They could be good or bad, we can’t say for certain which of those it will be. Maybe both.

Finally, I ask that you continue to support me with your ideas, feedback, and (constructive) criticism as you normally have in the past.

If you would like to donate to the DMD cause, you can do so at:

DMD: –

To support my new game Melody, you can support me at my Patreon page:

Please only use these links to support each of my games.

Lastly, one of our main ideas guys “Jeff Steel”, has his own Tumblr page where he posts about the writing and development of adult games – not the coding, but the characters, character development, plot structure, scene dynamics, dialogue, internal dialogue…As well as discussions of how coding, rendering, and art all interplay with the “script writing”..

You can find Jeff’s post in the “Jeff’s Blog” section at the top of the page. Feel free to leave him some feedback or any questions you might have regarding DMD.

Thanks for your continual support,

I’ll let you know how you can get DMD v.18 in late April/early May. We’ll talk soon 🙂


51 thoughts on “The future of DMD

  1. i fear that patreon will get again suspicious of you if you dont release an episode of melody every two month’s. I had probably another saver solution, you could work on melody every month but you could spend everyday like 1 hour instead working on dmd so you could maybe release every 3 month an Episode of Dmd without that patreon gets angry again. Wish you the best luck with both games and i’m really excited to see how melody good is in the end. If i like it i’ll keep supporting both games. Wish you the best luck.


    1. Thanks for your concern.
      I can tell you that MrDots has already made it known to the powers that be at Patreon that he always intended to continue on with DMD on his own site. He just never said when that would be, as this was several weeks ago and we had plenty to work out first.
      They have no rights to DMD now, so we can do as we please on his offical pages. As long as we don’t promote the game on his Patreon wall, then we will be fine.

      We have no obligation to release Melody once every two months or less, some devs go three or even six months without doing an update. Like he’s stated in his post, it’s not an ideal way of doing things, but we just wanted to inform you guys that there will be a v18 of DMD, and a date that you can look forward to that release.
      Which is better than nothing, right?


      1. This is fantastic news! I am of the mindset that as long as DMD is still being worked on, I am very happy with that. I mean much like many people, DMD is what even drew me to Mr. Dots in the first place. Without it, most of us wouldn’t be here. So once again, this is great news!


      2. I know these news start to be a little late but since I’ve known the game recently I was wondering … Why Patreon would mind to let him promote DMD on his own page?
        Several artists promote multiple games on their pages and I don’t think Patreon has a right to tell them to stop doing it since the games are their properties… at least imo!
        Maybe it’s because of the new Patreon rules or something I’ve missed, I’m not really used to it since I’m not an artist myself…

        Anyway, heads up guys! Hope we will have news from this game soon, as I think I really want to see the end of this story (and hopefully a real happy end for F and D).


  2. WHOOOHOO!! This is awesome news! I’m gonna be following closely since my Bday is quite literally the first of May.. Happy bday to me!! LOL. I’m glad to hear that work on DMD will resume and I’ll be pledging to Melody soon. Can’t wait to see what ya’ll have crafted after the amazing job you did with DMD. Keep up the amazing work!!!!


  3. A double edged sword if there ever was one. On the bright side, DMD will continue getting updates alongside Melody. On the downside, it seems like it will be every third month, meaning only 4 releases per year as opposed to the 12 we were getting before. In addition, we now need to donate using Buymeacoffee even if we are still donating to your Patreon? I’m looking forward to the Melody game, but the development of DMD coming to a slow crawl is beyond frustrating :


    1. It’s just how it is for now I’m afraid DSTORQUE. Hopefully things change at some point this year so we can put out more than three or four releases of DMD, but we’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out.
      One thought that has never entered our heads was to completely abandon making this game.
      We’ve come too far to give up on it now, and this is the best way we can make sure we get closer to a conclusion.

      There’s still plenty of the story to tell, and plans for future episodes (all the way through to a possible Chapter 3) with specific scenes for our main characters, have been in place for well over six months now.
      Of course, if anything changes in the near or distant future, it will be posted up on this site!


  4. Hi! If I am patreon yours I can get the new release of DMD in may or I’d have to pay twice in that month? Or are you gonna stop the pledge that month?
    ps: sorry for my horrible english


  5. Woot so glad to hear this. I knew you wouldnt stop with DMD but it is still good to hear a date for release of the next part.


  6. Mr. Dots,

    I have and still continue to support you on Patreon. Will I still be able to get the new episodes of DMD as well as the new game you are working on or do I need to also support you on your DMD website to qualify for both games?


  7. I’m just happy you are not dropping DmD altogether like some people did with their games thanks to patreon.
    While understandable for the consumers point of view it is disappointing.
    I got the chance to play Melody v0.01 as well and it did not disappoint. Keep up the great work.


  8. So how will we get the new DMD? Do we have to donate, be an old patreon, be a current patreon or are you just releasing it to everyone.


    1. Refer to last part of the post pls
      “I’ll let you know how you can get DMD v.18 in late April/early May. We’ll talk soon “


  9. Bought you a coffee some days ago and increased my pledge for M. Will keep pledging M as long DmD gets updates!


  10. Cheers for the good news. I played Melody and i liked it a bit, but DMD its the best game ever made with a renpy platform, for this reason i support you again and i’ll waiting for DMD with illusion. Thks Mr Dots and all the equip.


  11. There is a bug in Chapter 1 day 9 if you refuse Olivia in that farewell dinner. After that farewell dinner both scenes will be played with graham and olivia wish you a good bye and the scene with only olivia wish you a good bye.


  12. It’s so good to hear the message about DMD again.Before Melody’s release,I doubt that it won’t be good enough ,but it turns out that I was wrong, though Melody is just on v0.01,it has the potential .So take it easy ,both games are great,just keep going!


  13. Hi there so emmm I would like to take some stuff off my chest…
    First and foremost, work u all put in this project and Melody ofc is blowing my mind and I want to thank you all, every single person who has any kind of involvement in all this regardless way, shape or form. Its all most appreciated.

    Now to the nitty-gritty, so im just fresh out off contact with both games and I must say they sucked me in big time, whats so crazy about it is the fact that im not long after completing very Big game Horizon Zero Dawn which is 4 me best of 2017, but why im even talk about it? because after been done i feelt very deep hole in me (story wise)
    So we could say I was on some kind of hunt for a good game, this is when I saw online couple lists of games in different genres, anyway long story short I checked couple and i wasn’t even slightly interested, “most of them garbage” I said to myself “no sound and animations?! u must be joking” and then someone on forum was really hyped about this dude MrDots and his games. I said to myself “its the last one cuz this is just some random silly pictures” so Melody was first I tried and boy oh boy it was such a huge slap in the face, game is freaking awesome, then another slap end credits! It was such a tease so I decided I needed more “from this dude, this shit is amazing”. I was back on forum in no time and another comment was talking something about old project “DMD” and supposedly even better! It took me some time to decipher DMD but when I did “wow”
    I wasnt sure but “to hell with this lets check this out” i said and now couple days leter im here begging for more!
    So incest and daughter hard stuff and from what I gathered this is why patreon shut u down, no surprise there I guess.

    Either way im just so impressed and invested in ur work and in that whole serious approach and develop of characters especially daugther its just mind-boggling. This whole idea is so wrong and right at the same time on so many levels but DMD hit the spot i think. Father is bothering me sometimes but her little face is just killing me, I literally have no idea how could it be even possible to render so many emotions this cuteness, sweetness and this unparalleled love but u did it and beacouse everyone need this in their lives is why it works here. (i think) I dont know im bubbling again. For me its something more then just some fucking and wrongdoing if it makes any sense.

    So to not brag any longer just want to say I love ur work man, its been a blast so far, so my only wish is that u wont give up.
    From Aprill I want to fully back u up on patreon or whatever. You and both ur projects deserve this.
    GL & HF


  14. I love DMD and Melody is a great game so far! To spark an idea, have you thought of accepting funding/donations in the form of cryptocurrencies? Just putting a BTC/ETH/LTC adress at your site could be a wise idea to easily fund DMD.


  15. I am exxxtremely happy to hear that you plan on going forward with our daughter…..she’s your too, kinda…
    I feel that after playing Mel that you and your team are not only at the top of your game but the top of all like games. I have spent the year following this game and just about every other one out there and I feel this team has designed and executed the finest and most emotion provoking game/s available in their genre. The next logical step in this evolution is to have your own site. Patreon was a stepping stone to this obvious next step but not the landing place for you folks. I speak for myself but I really honestly believe this talented team could do this. You could start small-ish…like Jab did then colaborate others into the fold or add others from the gate…the likes of BB or DFD, hell even Summertime. The point is that you have the material, the writers, and the talent to do these two great games and pulled over 3000 of us along for the ride, what a great start! Jab started with nothing but Jab and now is one of the hottest inking sites available, with no less than twenty full timers onboard. All that aside, THEY GET PAID…A LOT! Their work is web and world wide and they get paid. They employ every fetish the world can think of…..except cp… and they get paid. There are literally hundreds of sites out there producing much darker than this and they get paid, so the fear of not getting paid is moot. If its fear boys…get over it. You have a following and have the support of thousands…not to mention the hundreds of thousands enjoying your pirated material. Jab has suffered the same and endured, even thrived and likely owes a lot of the sites popularity to that very (fucked up) thing. It cannot be stopped but it can be minimized with encrypted sites and material. Just thoughts and best wishes for the team that has won me over…completely. I will support both ends of this, just don’t let the corporate beast make you its bitch. BTW….I for one would like to know who those involved in these wonderful creations are. Peace out…Bubba


    1. Couldn’t say better even If I wanted to. Im on board with this shenanigans and this whole idea of a site where everyone could post, support and make a buck of, it’s perfect. I think about it like 24/7 from point when I realised how good DmD is and what happened with it. It’s the next step guys, just like with games from Kickstarter (look StarCitizen) and after time is up they start they own site to allow people to support them down the road. it’s working, it’s a logical next step and someone will do it eventually that’s for sure. #fuckPatreon


  16. Is there any email or place where we can contact the team/mardots? please mention here if there is (The contact page is missing) – if you don’t want to publicly post it here atm, please send me the contact address to “” – and i’ll respond using my actual email.
    thank you


  17. hi,

    i just buy you some cofee for password and when i try it on the dmd site i have 403 error (403: Forbidden This page cannot be displayed).

    i cant found your contact email so i post here.

    Can you look that please?


  18. please don’t stop working on DMD, I really enjoy the game you created and i’ve also played a game called melody, it’s also very amazing, but please…… please do not stop working on DMD, I really appreciate your hard work and I will continue to support what you have done, I am one of your fans MrDots, but again I hope you do not stop working on DMD. Thankyou and Good luck Mrdots.


    1. Hi Haikal!

      Yes we’ll keep working on DMD as long as the support is still there and fans like yourself want the game to keep going. Of course, we want to give it a grand conclusion but for now, it will be slow going until we can work out a way to be able to produce updates of the game each month (finding a suitable platform).

      Thanks for your ongoing support!


  19. I’d just like to share that I am enjoying both games. The new characters in the Melody game are engaging and well thought out.
    At the same time, I can’t wait to see where the DMD adventure goes. Thank you all for putting in the effort to keep both of these stories moving.


  20. Just Ask a question..where is Melody Eps 2, because i look in mrdots patreon page upcoming release is today at 28 april, sorry for interrupting


  21. Just throwing it out there: I know some devs have resorted to altering their game to where it’s a step-relative and, so far, Patreon seems okay with it. Then, a patch is released off of Patreon that allows you to patch the game back to take out the step reference. Do you think that is something you could do? Not sure if it was discussed with Patreon or not but at least this way you might could host it on there again and get a revenue stream going for DMD (or DMSD) again.


    1. Nice idea, i like it. MrDots why not to try to creat a new patreon whit a other name ?. like someone try to copy your old game but this time the new “team” doesn’t make a D+F relation but just two old friends …. After that because you have a lot of fans i m sure someone can make a patch because the nostalgia of the first version 🙂 !
      Actualy that not sound crazy because a lot of people try to copy your game concept or D too. So why not youself 😉 !


      1. Hey guys,

        The agreement is that DMD can never be (re)published on Patreon even again.
        It would result in a permanent ban which would not be negotiable next time around.
        Even if we were to sell the rights of DMD to another dev (not that we would), Patreon would still reject it.

        Had we made this offer before we had to take our game down, then yeah, maybe we could have done this idea.
        It’s done now, and hopefully we can keep both of our games in tact for the foreseeable future without anymore complications.

        Thanks for your ideas though guys, very much appreciated.


      2. Ok thx for your answer. But what about others creators on patreon use some artset of D ? There is a lot. She is a real star on patreon 🙂 !.. I a little bit crazy if patreon dont agree to see her again and and she is include in a lot of game. Where is the limite ? Probably in the futur a Creator will make someting like dating my roommate and the result will be completly the same. At this point. Why not change the story a little, like Daddy and Daugther go to live in an other contry and the new game don t look realy have a connexion whit the past one ?

        It’s an idea but why dont push the story a little in the futur like Something happen and again one year latter new context but the progress still intact.

        Something else, what happen if D join the melody universe like officialy to integrate the college and she get some musique lesson. What patreon can say against that again if a lot of other Creator copy in the same time D ?

        Since this time, i realy don t like the dictat of patreon. But maybe is Something to ask. The official Creator of D can t use her anymore but everybody else can ?!
        In a normal world whit an normal compagny that just Something against copyright and patreon don t realy react fine because they get money whit this and Mrdots have a big prejudice because that bad deal. Very sad about a big group like patreon don t let a Creator work proprely whit is creation. Is not realy about porn. Something is wrong when a Creator are not free to use is freedoom completly. I understand they is rule, they is limite but incest in a story and incest in reality is completly different. I m the first if i see a father have a sexual interaction whit is daugher IRL to feel realy bad about this crazy situation and to understand they is a big problem and someone need to check is mind in a psycho hospital too found an other solution !

        Ok just some idea and my point of view. Thx again and sorry for my english


  22. Hi there,
    I would love to translate DMD into German. If you like that idea, tell me how to contact you and we can talk about it. I am not on patreon so unfortunately I can’t contact you there.

    I wish you all the best for your future plans with DMD and Melody.
    Take care and stay safe.


  23. Jeff, i have an hint on interesting ending of DMD, that could be accepted also from Patreon.
    Please contact me on Discord (as Marione8080), if you are interested in this hypotesis.


  24. Hey there, production team. I linked my full-time email to this comment because I want you guys to know how serious I am in making this comment, and I’d like for you guys to be able to contact me if there’s ever a financial crisis. Alright, so,

    I recently stumbled into DMD. And let me tell you, I have never enjoyed a game more. I’ve been a full-time gamer for over 20 years, just putting that out there, and I play everything… every genre from RPG to FPS to live-action to adventure.

    My friends, DMD is a game that I can’t describe with words. Not in a pervy way, in a — my mental well being depends on seeing it through to the end and playing (hopefully) at least 50 more hours of this game. When I first played, I was extremely skeptical, but ended up staying awake for 48 hours to complete it (with mini breaks here and there of course). It’s been nearly a decade since I’ve enjoyed a game this much… truly, it is a masterpiece.

    So you can imagine my horror when I got a few hours into Chapter 2, only to be smacked with that incredibly cruel cliffhanger. ;P

    You see, this is the type of game that I want to sit down and play from START… TO FINISH. But anyway, I’m getting off track, that’s beyond my point, I respect you guys so much for making it (and continuing to do so) and I respect the amount of effort required.

    With that said: here’s my proposition. Take it or leave it, I’m losing sleep over this game. In roughly 6-7 months, I will be getting a very large inheritance. Until then, things will be a little tight for me, but anyway, it gets good here: To show my appreciation for the absolute work of pure, amazing art that is the DMD series, I’m going to be dropping you a hefty donation of about $5,000 or more, when said inheritance arrives.

    Now… I’m NOT saying I want you to rush, because I want this game to be everything it’s been from the start- the real art of DMD is in the development, the dialogue, the attention to detail, the choices… the scheming…

    but I AM saying that for however many months early this game is from now, til I get my money, I will be adding a minimum of roughly $500-$1K in donations to the initial bulk sum I mentioned above. So in total, I plan to donate somewhere between 5K and 8K, roughly.

    I will also continue to be a big sponsor once this money comes, as I love your games, Melody included (playing it as we speak, it’s amazing). And trust me, this isn’t an ultimatum, I want to support you guys regardless of how fast your games come out, or what games do come out, because I feel like this is the genre I’ve been missing in my life of gaming and it could truly be a lifetime of happiness for both myself and my wife, as we both love them so much.

    Thank you SO MUCH MrDots, for your continued efforts, and thank you as well to the team working on this. You guys have my unending appreciation, and just know that DMD is without a doubt my favorite game of all time in my many decades on this planet.




    1. Wow, this is an absolutely amazing offer! I really hope the development team reads your comment.
      I totally agree with you, that DMD is a master piece. It is simply great and like you, I couldn’t stop playing it. I am 45 years old (in my mind and my behavior I am 25 years 😉 ) and I am a gamer since I was 14 years old, but except the Mass Effect series, no game was so fun to play like DMD. Okay, I have to admitt, that I am not very much into Father/Daughter stuff, but still, this game… I can’t describe it… I am addicted to this game and I played it round about 10 times. Both Chapters. And I hope they will continue with developing the game and hopefully chapter 3 will also see the light of day. We can only hope…
      Again, your offer is mindblowing and I thank you so much for it, because hopefully this will be an incentive for the dev team to develop this game further.

      Thank you very much, Ryan!

      I wish you a great day. Take care and stay safe.

      Greetings from Berlin/Germany. 🙂



  25. i would hate to see you abandon DMD because it is a very lovely game and I was looking forward to watching the relationship develop further.. It would be a shame to see you discontinue this wonderful game. If rules are the issue with DMD may i suggest you do as the DFD game does and have the relationships default to older friend or something but allow the user to set the relationship and name she calls in the profile setting. I think this would get you off the hot seat so to speak with Patreon and allow us to set the preferences as we want it to be.


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