DMD v20 is Here!

Hi guys!

Good morning/evening to all of our new and long-term fans. DMD v0.20 is ready for you to download and play!

As you would full well know by now, DMD is now available through HumbleBundle for a one-off price of $10US.

As with previous versions, v20 will include all animated and bonus scenes plus the full Chapter 2 walkthrough.

We could’ve added the option to make it a “pay-per-update”, but the most important thing is for you the fans to be able to play the game.

This way makes it more affordable for you all.

However, there is also the option for you to donate more to the production of this game – See the “Add an optional tip” – when making your payment.

Only donate what you can afford guys. Every little bit counts, and we’re grateful for whatever we get! 😀

Get the game here:

About this update

So, if you’ve already played the last update, you would know that D, F and Elena will be heading back to the town after a couple of nights out in the countryside.

There will be a couple of key confrontations and realizations discovered in this update for all characters involved. How will that affect your relationship with D, or even Elena (if you’re on her path)? You’ll find out soon enough!

As you would’ve seen from the previews earlier this week, Georgina and Jennifer will reappear in this update.

Be sure to contact at least one of them when the time is right, as that could affect your relationship with them later in the game. 😉

This new update will be focused on D and F inching ever closer to that grand moment where they will not only be free of D’s protective and manipulative mother Rachel, but they might actually be able to finally consummate their relationship!

Will that happen in this update? Again, you’ll have to play the game to get answers to these questions, and more!

Depending on what path you are on, Elena will also have some big decisions to make regarding her relationship with you, the secrets she knows about you and D, and if she lets Jennifer in on those secrets!

Last DMD update of the year.

As aforementioned, this is the last update of DMD for 2018. The story will continue in the new year, and we’ll have more details on that at a later time. Like we’ve said a number of times before, the most important thing for us was to make sure that the game continued on.

You’ve all seen the struggles and complications we’ve had to endure this year, just to keep DMD running. But my team and I have always been of the belief that there’s “always a way”.

Where other devs have abandoned their games for various reasons, we’ve never once thought about giving up on this project.

Anyways, I sincerely hope you enjoy this update, as we’ve worked on it pretty much every day over the past five or so weeks.

You can leave your thoughts, feedback and constructive criticism in the comments section below.

We always strive to do our best and to give our fans a satisfying hour (or so) of entertainment, with each release for either of our games.

Work has already begun on Version 7 of our other visual novel “Melody”.

If you haven’t done so already, you can check it out over at my Patreon page here:

For anyone who hasn’t played Melody yet, there is a free downloadable version of the game in the “Overview” section of my Patreon page.

Final Words

I hope you enjoy playing DMD v0.20 and again, thanks for sticking with us. We make these games for you as much as we do for ourselves.

Remember, if you wish to donate to the production and future releases of DMD, please do so ONLY through “HumbleBundle” at:

For Melody, pledge to my Patreon page ONLY at:

We’ll have details for v21 in the new year. We wish you all the best over the Christmas and New Year period!

Thanks, and enjoy the last update of DMD for 2018!


42 thoughts on “DMD v20 is Here!

    1. Just wanted to say that I’m loving this game. I really love how the story progresses.
      Great job everyone who’s working on it! And I want to thank you for making this great game.
      I haven’t enjoyed playing a game as much as this one in more than 7 years.

      I’m really looking forward to the next update!

      Happy holidays!


  1. I haven’t waited this long for any game. DMD is my favorite game. I am so glad that update has been released, but when can I expect CH 3 .. One more thing I would like to see daughter get impregnate by MC.


    1. Yes you will, due to us having to change over to HumbleBundle. It’s a one off payment of $10US that will give you the new update, and future updates as long as we’re with HumbkeBundle.


    1. You need to download the game again and delete v.19 It doesn’t auto-update. There’s an email address in the download file. Send me an email if you still have trouble and we’ll try to solve it.


  2. Two words. “Fucking Awesome”
    (Just ignore the flailing of arms and gnashing of teeth while i await the Android Renpy conversion!)


  3. Well worth the wait! The only thing about this update is that the vid clips don’t repeat, they play once and then stop, but minor patches will fix that right up! Well worth my investment!


    1. Never mind the patch comment! A simple re-start did the trick. Now to figure out parsing on my tablet as the next simple “problem” to solve.


  4. Great storytelling ^_^ that was so immersive again OO!
    Playing v20 nonstop was wonderful, can’t wait for 2019 to come. That will mean the final of GoT AND more DmD – who could ask for more excitement and anticipation 🗓… MrDots is a true game designing hero !
    (I found just one bug – you can only call Georgina or Jennifer at one point, but you get texts about both scenarios in one scene later …)
    It’s great to experience (for a change after several disappointing involvements in funding unfinished games) that MrDots is simply delivering perfect quality finished new episodes of the storyline, like this was a TV series, instead of misusing alpha testers/buyers during development as bug-hunting guinea pigs as a money-saving replacement for good programming like some other indie developers do with their temptations of sloppy versions’ early access “rewards” and released half-baked products ^^…
    But here? Unlimited joy – thanks to MrDots!

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  5. Soo Much potential in futute updates, but please not lose the main essence of the first chapters.

    Happy Holidays!


  6. Is there supposed to be background music and sound effects? I have the volume turned up at not getting any sound.


  7. I really like your work, the characters, the story and how you treat your fans/customers!
    I am very happy seeing the development of DmD even after that Patreon incident.
    I cant wait to see more actions with Jennifer and Elena i prefer them even over D.
    But it feels like you changed the typ of game you are creating. At the beginning it was really a game where you can fail and end gameover, but since chapter 2 it is more like a novel where u can only choose a path. The first chapter in my opinion was your true masterpiece. Please dont understand me wrong i really like the actual content too but i think it is not as good as chapter 1.
    You are my #1 favorite Gamedesigner so keep up the good work! 🙂

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    1. Yes i also prefer those 2 over the daughter but its called “dating my daughter” so i guess we have to accept that she’s the focus XD but yeah, more of those ladies please!! And so cute of Jen to hide the camera there but a bit creepy?


  8. Very good update 😀 so happy to see Jen again too, and all that talk with Rachel etc was really deep and dramatic, I think it fitted the situation really well. Looking forward also to Elena coming over in the next update? Great job 🙂


    1. Yeah no editing option here but i also wanted to add that i prefer Jen and Elena too 😉 but the main story is also so very good, but it almost feels finished now? I mean the “escape” from the Evil Mom so to speak……


  9. When I try to get v20 from any of the links provided, it takes me to a page where only v.19 is listed as the latest version. I’m using android.

    On another note, when I’m bought v.19 off of humblebug it said that this applied to future updates. Please help, looking forward to the story!


    1. The links provided on HB should be the v.20. There’s an email provided there. Send me your email address that you used for the purchase and I’ll see what I can do.


  10. Enjoyed v20. Very nice. But to be honest I was surprised when the D started dropping f-bombs. I don’t recollect her ever using that word. So when she started with the f-bombs when the scene was getting steamy, I was honestly going woahhhh. Don’t get me wrong, it was hot and I expect her to get comfortable with the language later, but at this stage she still seems soft and semi innocent. F-bombs seem to add a little harshness. Again, hot and enjoyable scene, but surprising.


    1. D, having watched a couple of adult films with F, was using what she saw in the films and included this kind of talk into her first time with F.
      Like with everything else she had learnt about sex to that point, D was basically mimicking what she saw on screen because it seemed perfectly normal for her to talk like that. Hope that makes sense.


  11. just donated $40 as very good update keep up the great work but confused now as we had a two day update so are we speeding things up to finish chapter two or was it a present for us DMD fans who have stuck by you? (Great christmas present anyway) Hope that you and your team still have a chapter three planned as its been hinted that that will not be happening.

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  12. Thank you so much for your work. I would be very interested to see the mother of the main character Rachel in the role of mistress of her father, daughter or her friend Tatiana. Rachel is a very interesting character. I wish that after all the problems she established a relationship with her daughter. It is interesting to see her as a mistress with other characters.


  13. Just wanted to say that I’m loving this game. I really love how the story progresses.
    Great job everyone who’s working on it! And I want to thank you for making this great game.
    I haven’t enjoyed playing a game as much as this one in more than 7 years.

    I’m really looking forward to the next update!

    Happy holidays!

    NOTE: I f’ed up and accidentally replied this message to someone elses post sorry for that!


  14. When will I expect the next update for this year on both DMD and Melody? They are both awesome stories. I’ll help in any way I can including donations.


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