Announcing Details About Our Brand-new Game Today!

Hello everyone! 

I hope you’ve had a great start to the new year!

Thank you all for your patience in waiting for the very first details about our brand-new game. Today we will share this information with you, and we hope that you like our plans for the new game.

New Game’s Name:

The name of our new game is “Sunshine Love”, or “SL” as we’ve been calling it. 😉

How we came up with the title for our new VN is due to where the visual novel is going to mainly be set – a place we’ve named Sunshine Bay, (which some of you may have noticed was also the name of the first track on Melody’s debut album!)

For those of you who have played our first game, Sunshine bay is the town next to Seaside and they’re both resort towns. So expect beaches, parties, sun, and girls in bikinis! 😊

Type of Game

It is indeed another Romance VN (with a smattering of other genres to feature throughout), and we’re already looking at including new and different features compared to what has been used in our first two games.

Main Plot

The Main Plot has been mapped out already for the story of Sunshine Love, and the write-up for this will be posted in my Patreon “My Membership” section once it’s ready.

What I can tell you now is that this new game will be more similar to our first game than to Melody. In other words, the plot will be simpler and more generalist than Melody’s was. We’re not going to focus on a specific theme like music or anything like that.

New characters introduced each week until the release date

What we will be doing each week over the course of the next two months is unveiling a different character that will feature at some point in Sunshine Love, maybe as early as the first release!

We’re well underway with our opening scene scripts and created plenty of renders and some animated scenes for the very first release.

With each post between now and then, we will reveal more and more details about the storyline, the characters, the menu setup and the overall objective of the game, just to name a few things…

As this is our very first post about SL, we thought that it would be best to share with you previews of our two main leads straight up!

So here they are:

Full image:

Full image:

Full image:

Full image:

She doesn’t have a specific name. You’ll be able to name her just like the lead-female in our first game.

We call her s… I mean, best friend or roommate. You know what we mean 😉

Full image:

Full image:


He will be the protagonist of the story. You’ll be able to name him as well of course. He’ll be the female lead’s b… best friend 😉

The game will also include more roommates and of course, a landlady. Because you can’t have a good game without a landlady right?  😉

As aforementioned above, we have some new features for this VN, one of them being that you will be able to see what the MC looks like in full (the guy in the previews), which we already see as a huge advantage over the previous two games.

It will greatly expand our options, especially when it comes to those “special” scenes within the game. The game will still have the classic POV feature but mixed with third view shots as well.

Final words

Please leave us your thoughts, feedback and constructive criticism about our two main lead character previews in the comments section below.

Thanks to all you guys (and girls) that have posted up messages and suggestions on our various pages over the past few weeks.

We’re still going through them all and we’ll do our very best to include these ideas into this new VN wherever we can.

And if we don’t, then we will consider them for our other current game or any VN’s that we create in the future 😉

SL v0.1 will be released in late-March, with an exact release date to be posted up soon.

Be sure to check back with us next week for our third character preview, as well as more details about the release of Sunshine Love!

Have a great day!


41 thoughts on “Announcing Details About Our Brand-new Game Today!

  1. Not really a fan of the new female lead, she just doesn’t have the same charm as any of the characters from DMD or Melody. Body looks disproportionate to her face foo, not just in shape, but the face looks younger than the body.

    Just some thoughts, everything else sounds great. Thank you Mr Dots for your great games!


  2. Maaaan, I love the new lead female! She is so HOT! I can’t wait for the first chapter. Im eager to play as soon as you release it, keep the good work!

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  3. Well that renders looks realy good. I hope you write story well like your other games. But I have two concern here. Are you thinking make this game like your other games? For to be honest your games was good but has two problem. One is my personal though and other is offical I gues. 1- You make your games (Espacily Melody) one way love route without harem. For getting good ending with melody we need dont even fool around with any girl! And that’s feel realy bad. For seeing girls scenes we need play everyting again because of that style. And this game is Landlady- Rooommate (Dont sweat I know LOL) game. And like this games always has harem routes but you normaly dont make this. I’m just asking are you thinking make this game harem route? Or you thinking again making everyting hard for us! 😀 (And I dont mention second one because second problem is your render quality and with that SS’s I already see you fix that thing and they look realy amazing!) I hope you will make good game again.

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  4. Honestly the female lead looks too fake. I’m not a huge fan of how big her butt is. This new trend these days of big ass is so weird to me


  5. I had an idea for the new game, it’s being able to name every character you meet.
    Or, rename people.
    Per example in the settings you can rename people you met.

    Also, In dmd I wasn’t a fan of the Father’s facial hair, it really put me off and I can’t forget it.
    Perhaps a few cosmetic options at the start of the game would be nice.
    I do realise this would Increase the renders needed to make, so If it’s not possible I get it.

    I like the roommate/landlady theme *wink*

    Harem should really be an option.

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  6. First of all, renders are great!

    But… what’s with that butt? It looks just too big and out of proportion.
    Boobs are also a little too big, but that’s debatable I guess…

    I think this girl is a little too big overall…
    Anyway, it’s up to you guys, so you do what you think is right.
    I just hope there will be other female characters, closer to my taste (like Melody and Izzy for example)

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    1. There will be a variety of female characters that we will introduce one by one in previews over the next few weeks. We are certainly trying to cover all shapes and sizes, features and proportions, to suit everyone’s tastes. This is only the beginning!


  7. Sounds awesome, can’t wait! My only criticism is that I’m not a big fan of the over sexualized body of s.


  8. Same for me. The female body is oversized. I would prefer a more natural looking (slimmer and smaller) female.


    1. I know Patreon guidelines and shit but I find it a bit of a shame if you just type in “si***, br***, mo***” and the only thing that changes are the names. I hope that the characters are at least written in a way that makes it clear that they are related and have their own personalities.

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    1. We’re making changes based on the replies that we’ve received.
      The main point of putting out previews two months before the first release is to find out what you all like and don’t like, which allows us to make changes to (hopefully) suit most of your tastes.


  9. I agree that the new female model is not really appealing to me at first glance, but I am going to reserve that initial judgement. Mainly because when I first saw renders of Melody, I remember not being too impressed by her. However, upon playing the game and seeing her personality grow and seeing her in action in the setting, I grew to love that model. So, I am going to wait and see how this new model looks in game, before judging too harshly. In saying that, I am really excited that you are bringing back the familial elements into this new game. Obviously, Patreon has made this more of an issue than it really needs to be, but I have confidence that your team will find a way to make it work:). Anyways, looking forward to more information about this new game and as always looking forward to the next update of DMD. Take care!

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  10. I realy hope there will be some mom/son(mc) action and a father for an sexual education 😀 !
    Siter/brother is the lowest incest theme for the a spice taboo.

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  11. hope this game introduces a romance route and a corruption route, More routes for the same female is what’s missing in your games, like loving caring route or lusting corruption route with exhibitionism and optional NTR that can be turned on and off to satisfy everyone

    And as everybody commented on the female MC I agree with them.

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    1. Im really not a supporter of multiple routes like love, corruption and cuckold/ntr. They always feel sallow, like they want to serve as many people/fetishes as possible.

      Also i personally cant really form a ‘bond’ with a character if in the back of my head i know there is the possibility someone steals the female lead from me LOL.

      So a nono from me regarding ntr. I think really ‘special’ genres like sissy, ntr, shemale, bimbo etc. shoudn’t be included in a ‘mainstream’ game like DmD,Melody… . These fetishes should be in a game of their own, for people who enjoy this stuff.


  12. First of all, let me say that I’ve been a fan and supporter of your games practically from the start.
    You guys are doing an amazing job, and thank you for that!

    A word about character design.
    You nailed it in Melody – the girl herself was absolutely gorgeous, Sophia was petite and nice overall, Isabella had most realistic (and to me, most beautiful) look and proportions, Amy and Becca both had huge breasts but overall were fine, Xiana was a bit like Sophia, and looked very attractive and real too.

    Now, about your new female lead – she’s simply too THICC.
    She looks like she needs to lose a few pounds, honestly.
    I understand, that all players have a different taste in women, and it’s completely fine, it’s just… I think this new girl would work better as a side character, not the main one.

    Anyway, thank you guys for listening to our opinions, it’s very appreciated, can’t wait for your next game!

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    1. Yep, hear you loud and clear. 😀
      We’re making some adjustments to the female-MC and should have a revised version of her posted up soon. Thanks for your feedback.


  13. Heartbroken over the “muh too big boobs” and the replies that you’re “fixing” it. I was excited there for a moment. 😦 Love when the main character have big ones (so def. a DMD over Melody fan) and have to acknowledge it in dialogue etc.

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    1. The boobs probably will remain unchanged (MrDots’ call on that one), but changes to her waist, head and butt will be made for sure.


  14. wow love the preview she looks a little bit (Ashley Gram) I love full figured women finally. that’s why I love my wife so much 🙂 anyway look forward to the new game 😉

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  15. Love the boobs, hoping they will stay as well. Hell IMO she shouldn’t be changed at all, she looks perfect according to my exquisite taste 😉

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  16. Not debunking the game, which has not yet come out,
    but I will be honest,
    I didn’t like either character shown,
    As I will say, it seems that they have run out of salt, as they say here.
    let’s see how it goes further,
    but at the moment it didn’t catch my attention.
    Good luck with this new game.
    for everything I’ve read about him,
    It seems to me it won’t be my kind of game.


  17. I like the MC looks, but not a big fan of the alien size breasts or butt. Should go with the looks like Elena, Melody, Jennifer or Sophia or something.

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  18. I for one like the new leads. Yes, the disproportionate butt is a bit too much, but hey, these are early previews.
    However, there’s one thing that I’d like to mention. The exposure levels, mostly on the female lead. I don’t remember Game #2, but Game #1 definitely has some overesxposed scenes – too much light on certain surfaces when exposing for the characters. Game #2 has much better lighting, but I can already see that female lead here is overexposed a bit as well, even if it’s a preview shot. This is probably nitpicking terrotiry, and I know nothing about 3D rendering (I’m more of a photography person), but I’d sugges that you guys be mindful of the exposure levels.
    Anyways, I can’t wait for march! The seaside setting sounds great! Thanks for the great games! 2020 will be sweet!

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  19. The new character looks like a morph between Melody and D for your two other games. Some have said that they don’t like the new character render. For myself, I am good with it. I also very much like that you have put a face to the one that the player will play. It always seemed kinda story breaking that the female lead was dating someone with no face, so this is a nice change.
    Initially, I was thinking that you were going to be melding the two games together when you announced that there was a third game in the works. Especially since you previously had pictures of Melody and D together. To me, this would be better for your team as you continue to flesh out your world because you already had established characters. The two could meet and D could have made a deal to be a model that appears in both Melody and Coco’s videos… because who wouldn’t want to see that threesome or even adding more of Melody and D’s friends into the mix!
    I really wish the scenario I outlined would have happened because it makes sense and we wouldn’t have to say goodbye to they characters that you have already established. But, you have given us little in the way of story details. May there is still a chance it will happen.
    You and your team had kinda touched on corruption in DMD as sort of a skill progression. I would like to see this expanded into a fetish/kink progression. Giving characters a pool of attributes and assigning them at the beginning of the game to represent their likes and dislikes … or susceptibility to a certain action or style. For example, whether or not someone would have body piercings or how dom/sub they are. And yes I know that some may say that adds a grind factor to the game. I would argue that it is only grinding if you pursue the grind, nothing says you have to grind and it should not be a requirement for progression. The goal is replay ability and individualizing a unique play through each time for the player. Making a princess character the first time around that is emotionally fragile, could be contrasted be a pierced and tattooed masochist sub that is into body suspension for gratification. I know this would add a lot of work for your team, I am confident your team is up to pushing their skills farther. The community certainly believes in you.
    A reply would be great, but I know you can’t reply to everyone. So I will just conclude that regardless of where this new story goes or how the mechanics are altered, it will be nice to see what comes from you and your team in 2020 and beyond.


  20. The female lead in my opinion looks perfect. Mr.Dots if you are reading this let me just say, your games have always brought me joy and excitement, You and your team have come a long way, you deserve the popularity you get and honestly you deserve more. I can’t wait for this game. Thank you.


  21. Sir please read until end ,because i have to tell this to you .
    I Am a big fan of your game ,first of all i have to say that i am poor at english grammar .
    I have to say thanks to you for a Lovable games you done .
    I have to say melody is the game that i started playing first .Everything in that game is enjoyable to me .
    I am so happy to see that xianna and sophia in DMD Ch3 day 35 on the restaurant .Now if you don’t mind ,I have a suggestion that please make a 2nd part for melody pr crossover of melody and DMD
    I tell this because i have no girlfriend now and i don’t try for another because my GF is dead in an accident on last year and i am addicted to these games because of melodis character is similar to her .If i am a billionaire then i gave much money to you to do it as a fever that making melody ,but i am a jobless teenager now and i don’t have a chance to become pardon member until i get a good job .If i get one ,then sure i become a pardon member .

    “In my dream i imagine that if Daughter hear songs of melody and become a fan of her song and see melody in an event and become friends and melody help daughter in her modelling career .
    I that time rachel find daughter and father and say what done in her life and they forgive her for everything and rachel go to live with her old lover (Jennefer uncle) and father became a professional photographer at the end ”

    If you don’t mind do it to me ,I hope you will .Thanks


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