Our plans for February and the Future of Our First Game!

Greetings to all our supporters all around the world.

Today we would like to share with you details about our plans for February, plans for our new game, as well as our first game.

February will be used to work on the next installment of DMD (v25), which will be released on Saturday, February 29th.

We know that many of our supporters have been eagerly awaiting the next part of the story, which is why we decided to release it before the very first version of Sunshine Love drops in late-March.

Speaking of SL, we have spent the past five weeks (from just after Christmas Day) working on scripts, renders, coding and testing out our new visual novel, to make sure it’s as great as we can possibly make it before next month’s release.

After DMD v25 is out, then we will go back to working on SL in March and we will continue to drop some more previews of the characters that will feature in the game.

If you aren’t aware by now, we will be running both games one month on, one month off.

In other words, we will spend one month working on and releasing DMD, and the next month we will work on and release Sunshine Love.

That means updates of DMD will be released more frequently than when we were working on Melody (Previously, DMD updates were being released every three months).

There are also some important changes that my team and I have decided to make for DMD.

I know we’ve said pretty recently that our first visual novel would be wrapped up and completed by the end of the year.

However, due to how much of the story we still have to tell, and given the limited number of releases that we would have had between now and the end of 2020, we know that deep down we would be rushing the endings if we were to conclude our long-running story.

So after much discussion, there will now be a fourth chapter of DMD!

Chapter 3, which we are currently working on, will now end shortly after the frequently mentioned modeling competition that our lovely D will be competing in. We want the fourth chapter to be focused on D’s rise to fame, sort of in a way like we did with Melody.

Having a fourth chapter will allow us to focus more on characters that are very close to you and D, such as Georgina, Jennifer, and Elena in Ch.3, rather than the male or minor characters within the story. A lot of you are fans of Georgina, Jennifer, and Elena and we feel they deserve more screen time in the game.

We’ll also dedicate one (and maybe two) update this year to do a CH.2 and 3 revision and fix the things that are wrong, the scenes that need better buildup, the achievements for CH.2 and 3, etc. Things you’ve been asking and reporting since CH.2 ended. We want to make the overall game as best as we can even if we have to stop working on the story for a short time.

For those of you who haven’t played our first game, or if you have no idea where it is being hosted, we post up our DMD announcements, previews and game updates on my Subscribestar page. So you can also (or alternatively) support us on our secondary platform.

You can get the latest version of DMD at this link: http://subscribestar.com/mrdotsgames/

The content for DMD, as well as our new game Sunshine Love has less restrictions than what Patreon allows in terms of content shown if that is something that interests you (totally optional).

We currently have the third-highest supporter base on SS, with our numbers continuing to grow by the day.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported us on our other platform.

That’s it for now guys and girls, we will be in touch again with you all very soon.

Take care,


7 thoughts on “Our plans for February and the Future of Our First Game!

  1. je suis heureux de savoir que vous allez prendre le temp de bien finir DMD parce que c’est votre fer de lance, vous lui devez votre succès et il mérite de attention et de soigné sont evolution, mon seul regret c’est le manque de traduction en français je l’attend depuis les événements avec le Platform patreon et les problems lier a l’inceste et ou vous aviez fait un sondage pour savoir en quelles langue vous pourriez traduire le jeu DMD, mais sinon continuez comme ça; j’ai beaucoup aimer melody même si j’ai trouver la fin moins heureuse que je ne l’attendais et je suis sure Sunshine Love.


  2. Chapter 4 confirmed? Excellent! Thank you guys so much! Hopefully we can get some more Georgina content, as she has really been sidelined for a while now.

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  3. It will be amazing that D wants to have sex with someone other than his dad, this will take a very good turn, that’s what we wanted, it would be great if D seduced Martin, I don’t know one night Dad would sleep and D will get up to watch TV and Martin will accompany her both with little clothes,
    and later in history a trio Dad, D, Marin, I think that D also has the right to have sex with more men,
    They are many female characters and that bores,
    also a good idea that you will go to control D to seduce other men.
    Excellent game I can no longer wait what will happen with D and Martin alone at home,
    Will they give more story about sex to these characters?


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