DMD v.28 – One last preview before DMD Ch.3 is released!


A very good day to all of my loyal followers from all over the world. This will be the final preview that I will be sharing with you before we finally release DMD v.28 – the last part of Chapter 3!

As I have stated on recent posts, not everything we had mapped out for Days 41&42 will feature in this update – these extra scenes will be added in when we do our revision in December. So there’s even more reason to look forward to these final two days of the third chapter.

For this last preview, we find D relaxing in a swimming pool, and in this scene, she is also with you, her father.But where are the two of you exactly? Whose pool is it? How did the two of you get there? And what will happen after this scene concludes?

Let us know your predictions in the comments section below. 

Thank you once again for your patience in waiting for this update to be released. We’re very confident that it will be more than worth the wait, and that we’ve also set things up very nicely for Chapter 4 – the final chapter of DMD.

So let the countdown begin towards Saturday’s highly anticipated release! Have a great day, and thank you very much for your support!


13 thoughts on “DMD v.28 – One last preview before DMD Ch.3 is released!

  1. Finally Dee is gonna be with Martin or Ryan?it’s been a long time since the first tease,I can’t wait for the update


    1. Yuck does not post any comments here. If you do not know how to be polite or if you do not have the intellectual quotien to understand that DMD offers choice and if you have a minimum of intelligence you can I think I get away with not seeing sharing! And yes… “We” will be never be “i”


  2. D asked her dad to buy a pass for the hotel spa. Since she’s in that hotel she scheduled a date with him at the spa at night, when almost no one is there. Lots of foreplay in the pool and hot sex in the locker room later.


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