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Treasure of Nadia will be completed this month! So now is a perfect time to start playing.

Treasure of Nadia is a story driven erotic adventure game with over 150 fully animated scenes, and growing! 

Like with NLT’s previous game Lust Epidemic, Treasure of Nadia features fantastic voice actors and fun problem solving game-play as you make your way through the hidden caves and jungles of Cape Vedra searching for artifacts to make a name for yourself in the treasure hunting world.

The game has an engaging story, but also hours and hours of side-puzzles and other fun mini-games to play as well. This game is content rich, with dozens of hours of entertainment!

The game is available on nearly all platforms including Android and Chrome OS.

There is even a free version to play at if you’d like to check it out!

Check out the trailer! 

Visit to start playing Treasure of Nadia! All supporters also receive the completed version of Lust Epidemic!