Anna’s Exciting Affection – DeepSleep


For the past five and a half years, Deepsleep has been creating a game called Anna’s Exciting Affection. It’s a story about a girl and her journey to revealing her inner self. 

As the player, you will have a chance to guide Anna through different situations and relationships with multiple interesting characters. 

She works a job at the office with a very harsh boss, has a side job at the bar, and has problems with her boyfriend. Anna encounters various criminals and a whole lot more which makes the story exciting for everyone. Be careful though, as your choices will decide Anna’s fate. 

Deepsleep has recently released Chapter 2 of the story in Renpy with a re-designed map and locations, plus a lot of interesting bonus collectables. There’s plenty of lewd content with beautiful renders and animations that awaits you. 

So hop in and have fun with the amazing Anna. 

Join Anna’s discord server here: 

Get the latest info and details about Anna’s adventures at their official site or by becoming one of Deepsleep’s patrons. You can also join their discord page in the links below.