When do I know I’ve completed all the content within an update?

There will be a screen with the notice “Congratulations :)” at the end of the latest update.

We recommend saving the game at this point in one of your unlimited save slots, so you can continue the game from here when the next version of the game is released. Of course, there are multiple pathways and relationships you can have at any time, so different scenes and possibly locations will be available with each version that is released.

Where can I report bugs?

You can send your reports by contacting us here: https://mrdotsgames.com/contact

How often are the games updated?

Right now, we are focusing on two games: Dating My Daughter and Melody. The current release schedule is: two months for Melody and one month for DMD. To know the exact release dates, please check our blog or our Patreon page regularly.

Where Can I Download The Game?

You can download the game and future updates here:

DMD: https://mrdotsgames.com/dmd/

Melody: https://www.patreon.com/mrdotsgames

It is highly recommended that you DO NOT download the game from any external sites.

Only we, the creators of DMD, can guarantee the original game and updates, complete with extra bonus scenes and animated images – and virus FREE!