Lust Academy – Bear in the Night


If you love fantasy like Harry Potter as much as we do, you’ve probably wondered, is there any magic in our world? 

We invite you to visit Lust Academy and see the answer with your eyes. Immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of the High School of Wizardry. 

Visit one of the oldest sorcery academies, learn the basics of magic, solve ancient mysteries and get to know 25 unique characters.

At this point, there are:

6-7 hours of gameplay

– Meet more than 25 potentially romance-able characters and find all the adult encounters

5500 high-quality renders

200 smooth 60fps animations.

– Unique story inspired by HP films and books

You are always free to choose what to do and where to go: spend time with characters you like, play exciting mini-games, or learn about magic.

This game is an adult visual novel with included 18+ content. Here’s the list of what you may find in Lust Academy:

  • Masturbation 
  • Handjob 
  • Blowjob 
  • Boobjob 
  • Vaginal sex
  • Anal sex (planned)
  • Sex with Magical creatures (planned)
  • Pantyhose 

Please note that the following features are entirely optional, and you won’t encounter them accidentally:

  • LGBTQ+ content
  • Futa\Trans content

In other words, there are plenty of ways to use your magic wand in Lust Academy.

So what are you waiting for? Check our page and download the game:

C’ya in Cordale Academy!

Watch the Game trailer for Lust Academy!

P.S. The steam version is incoming very soon. Wishlist us at: