“Lust of Pain”

by Vilkas Creative

Lust of Pain is a visual novel that revolves around the main character, who suffered from long-term depression after being abandoned by their childhood love, and their journey to return to their normal life within their daily routine. 

As time goes by, the main character’s social circle expands and everything seems to be going well for them. They have started to obtain everything they could possibly want as a young adult. 

Of course, not everything goes perfectly and a crime organization uses the main character’s father as a pawn to cover up their illegal shipments. Trying to prove their father’s innocence, the main character finds themselves in the midst of major problems. 

As a young man struggling to come to terms with their own inner conflicts, and dealing with issues such as love, betrayal, and sex that come with their age, what can they do amidst the conflict between these powerful and deeply rooted organizations? 

What if every decision you make is actually serving someone else? Or if those you see as enemies are actually enemies of others? “Is there such a thing as free will? Or are all our decisions the result of a conditioned direction?” 

We will learn all of these as time passes… The main character’s journey is long, filled with love, betrayal, passion, and pain… And rest assured, there’s plenty of each. 

Features of the game:

  • • Over 3000+HD static renders
  • • Over 50+ HD animations

5 Main girls and a dozen side girls – with adult content.

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