Mave’s Melody Page

Another one of our wonderful fan artists, “Mave”, has created numerous designs of our music superstar “Melody”, giving us his own incredible spin on our lovely teen idol.

Mave also has his very own blog which is updated quite frequently. You can find all of his models and designs, including Melody at:

Here’s a write-up for his own version of Melody:

Melody wrote, recorded and produced a lot fantastic songs and was very successful, but at one point in her life, she asked herself if that is all what she wants. She thought a lot about it and one day she met model, Casey Reed.
Melody admires Casey and her wonderful nude and erotic arts she did with her boyfriend Mave.
Mave is a well-known photographer and is also a very kind and good looking man. From first day she met him and Casey, Melody realised that she had big feelings for them. 

Casey taught Melody how to model in front of the camera and during her first photoshoots she was very excited and shy. She soon learned how to pose and act like a model very fast, especially when Mave stood behind the camera. 

Melody is not only a very talented singer and songwriter, but now she is also a very talented model. After her first very successful photoshoot, it didn’t take very long for Melody to decide that she wanted to be a full-time erotic model. She loves posing nude and in sensual alluring erotic arts…..

In 2020 she won two awards for sexiest newcomer in Photo Modelling and also in Photo Erotic Modelling. Melody is working on her music career while also working as a professional model.

Here’s a sample of her modelling shoots:

And here’s some of her nude photos with Mave!

You can find all of her artwork here:

To view images of the other models that have posed for Mave, you can find them here: