School, Love & Friends

Walkius’ debut game is a visual novel with RPG and an open-world feature. 

As the main character, you play as a high school student, forced to move in with some family friends, and start at a new school.

You can move freely around the house, the high school and the city where you can find a lot of characters – from your schoolmates to the local yoga teacher. Each character and place has its own personality and events.

You will need to attend class, hang out with friends, go on dates, throw parties and seduce every girl you can! Enjoy your last year of high school like you always wanted to!

View a trailer here: https://youtu.be/BL_6q3wV50U

Medschool, Love & Friends

This is the sequel to the first game which is similar to its predecessor, though you play the role of a medical intern this time.

You will go to college, do consultations with a brand-new system and do your shifts at the local hospital.

This game is currently on pause at the moment so Walkius can focus on the first one, but a new update will be out at some point this year.

For MrDotsGames members, you can try the demo version which is available for both games. 

*Please visit Walkius’ Patreon page for download links for a demo of each game.

And if you’re interested in becoming a member of Walkius Games, you can do so at: https://www.patreon.com/walkiusgames or https://subscribestar.adult/walkius-games.