Shale Hill Secrets – Love-Joint


We are Love-Joint, creators of DFD and Double Homework, and we are here to invite you to come and help us to solve all the mysterious things that are happening at Shale Hill University!

In Shale Hill Secrets (Download it now for free! Windows/Mac/Android), you suddenly gain the power to peer into people’s hidden lives. You’re an extraordinary guy doing an ordinary job: working at the tech help desk of a university. 

Well, that’s all fun and games until your life turns upside-down and you discover a mysterious application that allows you to sneak into your classmate’s private data. Yeah, in an evening you go from thankless drudgery to running the panopticon.

If you already know Love-Joint, then you know exactly what you are going to find here: a well-written visual novel with an engaging and intriguing script, tons of the highest quality renders, and animations that will have your eyes glued to the screen. 

Come with us and play the first FIVE episodes of Shale Hill Secrets for free while the game is in development. 

We guarantee you some good hours of fun. Already played through and are left wanting more? Well, then you are more than welcome to be part of our family and unlock more fun instantly! 

Here is what you are going to find becoming a Patron today:

  • Instant access to all episodes of Shale Hill Secrets released so far;
  • Instant access to new game releases;
  • Playable bonus scenes are released every month*;
  • The uncompressed CGs of Shale Hill Secrets in 4k resolution*;
  • Full access to our posts and news;
  • Full access to our previous games, including epilogues, cheats, and bonus scene packs.

You can find Love-Joint in several places, like our Patreon page, our official homepage, or, even better, our Discord Channel. Do you like your games on Steam? Then feel free to wishlist Shale Hill Secrets there as well.

Mystery, intrigue, and girls to romance and seduce are waiting for you in Shale Hill Secrets. Come and unravel everything!