The Entrepreneur – MisterMaya

MisterMaya is creating Adult Games 

The Entrepreneur is currently up to its third episode which has just been released.

Embark on the adventure and embrace the Entrepreneurial way of living.

The Entrepreneur is an interactive Adult Visual Novel, where each of your decisions impacts the story in either minor or major ways. While you establish your newly inherited bar, you’ll have a role to play in the lives of the girls you live and work beside. In the end, one of them will be your true love.

Who will it be? You decide.

The game’s design ensures that your choices matter so that you can fully immerse yourself in the thrilling story. The Entrepreneur is available on almost all platforms, including Android.
You can download it from the links that you can find right here.

While the third episode is still in early release and available to patrons only, it’ll be free on July the 13th! So please don’t hesitate to support the game’s creator right here!

You can also follow him on Twitter!

Check out the trailer!