“The Flight to Heaven” written by N2TheFire

The Flight to Heaven

Featuring Isabella (from “Melody”)

Special cameo appearances from Dee (DMD) and Patty aka… Trisha (Sunshine Love)

Written by N2TheFire

**Please visit his website here: http://n2thefire.net/fire/

CODES: MF, oral, creampie, dirty talk, fantasy

WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you’re underage or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.


I’m on a flight to Seaside, planning to meet up with my friend Rob about a possible job there. I hear it’s a nice town.

If all goes well, I’ll be teaching survival skills. I always enjoyed the outdoors. After my stint in the Marines, I worked as a park ranger.

When meeting campers there, I discovered I could be really good at teaching survival, so here I am.

I am excited and ready to get this new life started. I wanted to choose a new life or die trying dammit!

Stewardess: Hello again sir, would you like something to drink?

MC: A bottled water would be great, please. Thank you.

Stewardess: Sure, here you go. Uh, can I ask you a question?

MC: Of course!

Stewardess: What is that tattoo on your arm?

MC: Oh that. I’m a Marine ma’am!

Stewardess: Wow, really? Did you have to fight in a war?

MC: No, no wars. But I have spent some time on the hot sands in the middle east during peacetime. I’m Rick by the way.

Stewardess: Oh, hi Rick, I’m Isabella. Nice to meet you!

I have to finish my rounds, but I would love to continue our conversation when we land, that is, if that’s okay and you have the time?

MC: Isabella, what a lovely name. And of course, it’s okay. I look forward to it.

We smile at each other and she goes about her rounds. She is quite attractive, beautiful eyes, and long brownish red hair that flows over her shoulders. The outfit these stewardesses are wearing is a short skirt with a low-cut top and Isabella looks better in it than the rest of them. She has average sized breasts and a eye-catching ass. She’s a few seats ahead helping another passenger, and when she drops something and bends over to pick it up, I am rewarded with a remarkable view of her curvaceous behind and a glimpse of her panties peek out from the top of her skirt.

MC: (Wow, she’s a pretty girl. Maybe she likes me? I guess we’ll see.)

Our flight has a path over the ocean. I stare out of the window and slowly doze off.

Sometime later, I am awakened by noise, chaos, and screams. The plane is shaking violently.

Isabella falls hard right next to me. I pull her out of the aisle and buckle her into the seat next to me.

MC: (We’re crashing. Okay, don’t panic Rick… don’t panic…) WHOA!

Suddenly my stomach is taken away as I feel us dropping. Isabella is crying and holding on to my arm.

I look at her, I can see that she is terrified. I tell her it’s going to be okay. Then we noticed it…

Other passengers were disappearing! Just vanishing, like ‘POOF!’ and gone. I look at Isabella…

Isabella: What the fuck is going on? Rick, I’m scared!

MC: Hold on to me and just look at me, okay?

I take her hands into mine. She is trembling uncontrollably.

MC: Just focus on me… Izzy? Can I call you that?

Isabella: Yeah…

MC: Okay Izzy, we’ll focus on each other.

I look around and notice we are the only passengers left on the plane.

I hear a loud sound as if something has burst and I look back to Isabella.

MC: I think this might be it Izzy. I’ll stay with you as long as I can, so don’t worry.

Isabella: Oh Rick…

She cries, and suddenly another loud bang erupts and then everything went white… And then black.

Isabella wakes up on a beach. She lifts her head and looks around.

Isabella: (I’m not hurt, at all. And where is the plane wreckage? I know that we crashed. At least I think we did?)


Isabella: RICK??!! (I hope he is okay too!)

On the other side of the island…

MC: (Am I alive? Am I dead? I don’t feel any pain anywhere, and there’s no blood.)


I survey the area. I’m on some island, which is not very big. It’s maybe a half-mile wide and slightly longer.

MC: (Hmm, where is the plane wreckage? There should be something. But, nothing at all. No baggage, just nothing.)

I decide to walk along the beach and around the island to look for signs of wreckage or survivors.

As I walk, I take notice of everything and make a mental note of what is available to me.

I’m pretty sure I may have to survive here for a while. Wait…

MC: (Is that Izzy calling me?)


Isabella: RICK!! Over here!

She waves at me from a distance, and I run towards her.

MC: There you are! Are you okay, any injuries?

Isabella: No, I’m fine. But where is everyone else?

MC: I don’t know. All of them were disappearing off the plane. Do you remember crashing Izzy?

Isabella: No, just boom, white, black, then I woke up on the beach over there.

MC: This is nuts!

Isabella: Tell me about it. So, do you think rescuers are looking for us?

MC: I would think so, but I’ve seen absolutely no sign of the wreckage at all. Have you?

Isabella: No nothing, it’s quite odd. Could it have sunk into the ocean already?

MC: Maybe, but we should be seeing all sorts of things from the plane wreckage floating and ending up on the beach.

Isabella: Oh no…

MC: What? Oh don’t do that Izzy, we’ll be okay.

Isabella: I can’t help it. What if…. What if we’re stuck here?!

MC: Please stop, okay? Do not panic. That is the first downfall of a person trying to survive is panic, having loss of hope. So, try not to think like that.

Isabella: What should I do then? I don’t know how to survive in a place like this.

MC: Luckily, I happen to be an expert on survival. So, don’t worry, we’ll figure this out.

The best thing you can do is to assume that this is where you live now and proceed with that attitude.

Isabella: What? But that’s insane! I don’t want to live here!

MC: It isn’t about wanting Izzy; it’s about forcing your mind to accept your situation so that you can better handle it. Understand?

Isabella: I… I think I understand now. So, what do we do?

MC: Well, first we should walk around the island and check for anything that may be useful to us.

Isabella: Anything in particular? I don’t really know what I should look for.

MC: Well, anything you think might be useful. Like, maybe someone has been on this island in the past and left something.

Look for things that aren’t natural. Anything that you think doesn’t belong here.

Isabella: Ah okay, I understand.

MC: Great. Tell you what, see that nice clearing over there under those palm trees? We’ll designate that as our camp.

It looks well protected by the hills just around it, and shady enough to keep us out of the sun.

You go explore in this direction, I’ll go the other way and we’ll meet back at our camp. Okay?

Isabella: Okay! Maybe this will be fun?

MC: That’s the spirit! All right, we’ll meet at the camp once we’re done. And don’t worry, we’ll be okay, I promise.

We separate and begin walking our halves of the island looking for useful stuff. I walk for quite a while but find nothing

other than useful sticks and rocks, a couple of coconuts, and a fruit tree. But just as I was about to head back towards the camp,

I notice something unnatural sitting next to a tree.

MC: My suitcase?!! (Wow, this is a huge plus. My survival knife is in here, as well as many other useful things

I was carrying for the survival class demo I was going to do for Rob.)

I pick up my suitcase and head back to the camp.

Isabella: Hey! Look what I found!

MC: Wow! Is that your suitcase too?

Isabella: We both found our suitcases!

MC: Do you have anything useful in there?

Isabella: Well, I have my bathing suits, some clothes, sunblock, makeup, well, maybe not all of it useful, huh?

MC: Actually, sunblock is definitely useful, so we don’t burn out here while we have to be in the sun. Makeup can also have its uses.

Isabella: Cool, at least I’m able to offer something that can actually help us!

MC: Yep!

Isabella: What do you have in yours?

MC: Ha! Luckily, I was on my way to do a survival class demo for a friend of mine, so I have a few very helpful things actually.

I open my suitcase and unzip a pocket and pull out my survival knife. A fourteen-inch long piece of multi-tool wonder.

Isabella: Whoa! That is a huge knife!

MC: That’s my good luck charm right there. Anyway, I also have a flint and stone, flashlight, a couple of wire hangers, and some salt and pepper!

Isabella: Salt and pepper? Haha, for survival?

MC: Hey, don’t judge me, haha. I like my salt and pepper. Besides, you’ll be glad I have it when we start roasting fish over a campfire!

Isabella: Oh yeah, you may be right about that!

MC: One thing we won’t have a lot of is fresh water.

Isabella: How will we get that?

MC: We’ll have to collect it. I have three bottles of water in here too. But of course, these won’t last us very long.

I pass a bottle to her.

MC: Go easy on that. Only sip it and do so only when you need to wet your throat.

Isabella: Got it.

MC: Oh no…

Isabella: What? What are you looking at?

Isabella looks over her shoulder where Rick was staring.

MC: That’s a pretty big storm out there. I can’t tell yet if it is moving this way or not, but we need to keep an eye on that.

Isabella: Woah!

MC: All right so don’t panic, we’re fine. But it looks like we’ll have to skip right over to building some kind of shelter. The way the wind is blowing,

if we make a lean-to against these trees here, we could sleep or sit behind it and stay dry and out of the wind and cold.

Isabella: Just tell me what to do so I can help.

We get up and I explain to Izzy that we should find a couple of smaller palm trees further away from the camp,

as we don’t want to cut down any that are close to us. We find just what I am looking for and I get to work cutting them down.

It’s a long process with the backside of a survival knife, but we eventually end up with two, long palm tree logs.

I proceed to lean them on the two trees that are fairly close together in our camp, then find something to use for cordage to tie them off.

In the end, we manage a decent, strong and dependable lean-to that should give us plenty of protection against the elements.

And in the nick of time too… I looked up and notice that the storm has moved directly towards us.

MC: Phew! I’m glad that’s done. And look at that… It’s nearly upon us now, and it’s already getting dark and the wind has picked up.

Isabella: I’m cold Rick!

MC: Let’s move to the other side of the lean-to so we’re out of this wind. Come with me…

We go and sit down under the lean-to. I start working on a fire with the sticks and rocks that we gathered earlier.

After a few whacks on the flint with my stone, we have a warm fire going, and heat getting trapped with us in our little shelter.

Isabella: Wow… I can’t believe how cozy this turned out!

MC: Yeah, not bad given the short time we had.

But it seems like we’ll be here a lot longer, so we’ll have to consider building something more like a hut.

For now, this is fairly nice.

Suddenly the storm reaches the island. The wind is so strong, some of the palm trees are bent nearly ninety degrees.

I had placed logs on the opposite side of our lean-to trees to keep them from doing the same and destroying our small shelter.

So far so good.

The wind really picks up and then the rain comes. The thunder is really loud, with super bright flashes of lightning. Isabella is terrified.

MC: (I need to keep her calm, to make her feel safe or I’ll lose her to depression really fast).

I move closer to Izzy and put my arm around her.

MC: Is this okay?

Isabella: Yes… But I’m so scared right now…

MC: (Wow, she really is terrified).

Isabella wraps her arms around me as the storm worsens. A few times I thought our little shelter would fail but it managed to hold on.

I did my best to hold her and to try to make her feel safe, and eventually, she did calm down.

It seemed like as soon as she started to calm, so did the weather. Only minutes later, it had completely passed.

MC: Looks like we’re in the clear, finally…

I look down and see that she is sleeping. I gently lay her down, placing her head on a rolled-up towel I had from my suitcase.

I decided to take a look around and see what the damage was like.

It wasn’t too bad considering. Some trees were bent over a bit. I watched the storm move out to sea on the other side of the island.

Isabella: Rick?!

MC: Right here Izzy… I’m here. Are you okay?

Isabella: Yes, sorry. I worried a little when I woke up and you weren’t here.

MC: Hey, don’t worry. I’ll never leave you. And, I can’t get too far from you on this little island.

Isabella: Rick, thank you. You’ve done so much for me and you haven’t once flirted or been any less than a gentleman.

MC: (Haha, I can’t say that I wasn’t tempted though.)

MC: You’re very welcome Izzy. So, are ya hungry?

Isabella: Yeah, but it depends on what you plan to eat? But I’m not eating any bugs or weird plants.

MC: Haha… No no… We’re going to eat fish. I saw them earlier on swimming around and close to shore. I just need to make a spear.

Isabella: Fish I can do! So, how can I help?

MC: Oh, you’re going to fish with me! If something ever happens to me, you might need to be able to do it yourself.

Isabella: I hope that never happens.

MC: Me too. Come on, let’s find a couple of solid sticks that we can make into spears and get cracking.

We get up and find some long, sturdy sticks and I use my knife to put sharp points on them.

MC: These should work great. Let’s go find some fish.

We walk out to the shore and as predicted, there are fish swimming around all over the place.

I whisper carefully to Izzy.

MC: So, the best way to do this is slow and patiently. No sudden movements and remain quiet.

We slowly move around the water. We make several attempts to catch a fish but fail. Each time we try a different area.

Eventually, one of us finally manages to hit the target…

Isabella: I GOT ONE!

MC: Ah! You scared the shit out of me!

Isabella: Sorry! I just got so excited!

MC: Wow, great job Izzy! You might be better at the fishing part than me, haha.

Isabella: I’ll try to catch another one!

MC: Got one! Awww…

Isabella: Aww, but he’s so cute!

MC: Yeah… Sorry little guy.

(Damn, that sucked! I SUCK AT THIS!)

Isabella manages to catch three more good sized fish compared to my one ‘cute’ fish.

MC: Amazing, well done Izzy. I’m actually a little embarrassed, as I should be better at this.

Isabella: Hey, I’m happy that I can actually do something to contribute to our survival. Now I’m hungry!

MC: Yeah me too. Let’s go cook these up.

We go clean the fish then sit by the fire. The sun is setting over the ocean, painting the sky in shades of purple, red, and some orange.

It’s a beautiful sight.

We sit next to each other and eat our campfire-roasted fish with a bit of salt and pepper and enjoy the serenity of the evening here.

Isabella: This is nice Rick. I’m glad it was you I got stranded on a deserted island with and not some crazy jerk.

MC: Haha, you barely know me. Maybe I’m really a lunatic and I’m just being cool, buttering you up!

She pokes me in one of my sides.

MC: Uhh!

Isabella: There is no way you’re a lunatic. Besides, you like me.

MC: I do?

Isabella: I saw the way you were looking at me on the plane.

It wasn’t the typical way guys stare at me when I’m walking up and down in the aisle though.

MC: I uh… Sorry Izzy, I’m…

Isabella: Just a man… It’s okay, really, I don’t mind. In fact, I liked that you were looking at me. Actually, I feel so sleepy again.

After giving a big yawn, she lays down and passes out. I sit up a while longer and just stare at her. She really is a stunningly beautiful girl.

Eventually, I lay down beside her and fall asleep pretty quickly myself.

I wake up when the sunlight hits my eyes. Isabella is laying on my side with her hand on my crotch.

MC: (Shit! I have morning wood! Maybe I can slip away without her knowing.)

I move and she moves…

MC: (Dammit, she’s a light sleeper. Maybe I can just move her hand.)

I try to move her hand…

Isabella: Where are you going?

She says, giving a big yawn as she finds her bearings.

MC: (Oh shit! Did she realize where her hand was just now?)

Oh I, I gotta pee really bad! Sorry Izzy!

I hop up, hoping she didn’t notice anything.

MC: (Phew! I think I got away without her noticing my hardon!)

I walk down to the ocean. My morning salute finally calms down when I start to urinate. I finish up and walk back to the camp.

Isabella isn’t around, and I presume that she had to pee also.

Isabella: Rick, come over here and check this out!

I run towards her…

MC: Hey! What’s going on, are you okay?

Isabella: Yeah, sorry, I just realized how that sounded. But look over there!

She points to something shiny near the beach on the other side.

MC: Nice eye Izzy. Let’s go and see what it is!

We head down there. When we get to the shiny object, it looks like a metal box. I recognize its design immediately.

It’s probably a gun case.

MC: Well, this may not be very useful to us.

Isabella: Why not? Anything could be in there.

MC: Yeah, but it’s a gun case. And if I know my gun cases, that will have a nine-millimeter pistol inside.

We open the case and I was right. There’s a gun.

Isabella: Woah. What do we do with it?

MC: I suppose it could come in handy to make a loud noise if we see a ship or something.

We’ll bring it up to the camp and just keep it safely in the case.

Isabella: Hey, what’s that?

MC: Now that looks like a trunk half-buried in the sand. I’m starting to wonder if some pirates have been on this island.

Isabella: Pirates??!!

MC: Well, they do exist.

Isabella: Oh my God!

MC: Relax… If they were here, it was quite a long time ago. The state of the gun case tells me it has been here for several years.

Help me clear some sand away from this trunk.

Isabella: I hope it’s filled with useful stuff and not just treasure.

MC: Any other time I might disagree with you, haha.

Isabella: Hehe.

We get the sand cleared away and try to lift it out of the hole. After some struggling, we finally free it from its shallow grave.

MC: Wow, that thing is heavy. Now this one could have anything in it.

We manage to get the old lock off with a rock. It was in pretty rough shape already. We slowly lift the lid.

Isabella: Oh my God…

MC: Wow… Whiskey, and lots of it! A bar of gold, a couple of old books. Tom Sawyer and this one… Little Women.

Isabella: Such a strange thing to find in a chest on a deserted island. Along with all that whiskey.

MC: The whiskey will definitely come in handy.

Isabella: Doesn’t it go bad?

MC: No, in fact, I would imagine this stuff is even better now than it was when it was left here.

Isabella: Nice! Look, there’s some glasses too, and a pot. And is that…?

MC: A tent. Well, it’s pretty old but looks to still be in good shape.

Isabella: Well, how do we get this back to camp?

MC: We don’t. We’ll drag it over here in the shade and just carry a few things at a time out of it.

Let’s grab the pot, glasses, one bottle of whiskey and the tent.

Isabella: Okay. I’m gonna try to carry these books also. I love to read.

We pack our treasure, hands full, back to the camp.

Isabella: Whew! I almost didn’t make it!

MC: Yeah, we carried too much at a time. I’ll go back later and try to grab some more.

Once the chest is light enough, we’ll try to drag it over here to keep things in it.

Isabella: I’m gonna go catch us some more fish. I’m starting to get hungry again.

MC: Hey, I spotted a fruit tree yesterday down that way. Want to check it out before you go fishing?

Isabella: Sure…

We go and I find the fruit tree that I had seen.

MC: Looks like some kind of citrus fruit.

Isabella: Haha… It’s papaya silly!

MC: Oh, okay. I didn’t realize that it looked like that.

Isabella: This would be good for breakfast, and it contains lots of vitamins too!

MC: Great. Let’s grab a couple and have a breakfast date.

Isabella: A date huh?

MC: Uhh… Ah yeah… I didn’t…

Isabella: Haha, I love how easily you get flustered. Come on, I want my date to be a good one.

MC: You got it ma’am.

I grab some of the papayas and we go sit down around the camp.

MC: So, I have no idea how to eat these.

Isabella: Here, let me serve us. Some date you are! Haha!

MC: Yeah, sorry. Guess I’m not as suave as I used to be.

She uses my knife to slice up the fruit. We each take a bite. It’s very good, sweet and tart at the same time.

Isabella: So, tell me Sergeant Rick… Do you come here often?

MC: Only when I’m with a beautiful lady and we decide to crash a plane.

Isabella: Hahaha! No doubt! And… Do you really think I’m beautiful?

MC: Absolutely. You’re way out of my league!

Isabella:  Really… A handsome man like you? I can’t believe you would think that.

MC: I’ve never been all that good with the ladies.

Isabella: I find that hard to believe, Rick. You’re sweet, considerate, helpful, and very much a gentleman.

MC: I uh… Thanks.

Isabella: Haha… You’re so cute. Do you want some more?

MC: Yeah, it’s pretty good!

Isabella: Here you go…

She puts it in her mouth and moves close to my face. I take it with my mouth. She gets another one…

Isabella: Not so fast this time…

She does it again. This time I slow down… Her beautiful chocolate brown eyes drowning into mine.

Her lips touch mine and her eyes close. We end up kissing and then start proper making out.

I feel all my blood rushing down… Down there. And feel that familiar throb. I’m getting hard…

Isabella: Oh god…

She moves upon me, still kissing me. I fall back until I’m lying down flat. She is now straddled on top of me,

and then whispers.

Isabella: Now I have you right where I want you, hehe!

She starts grinding her panty-clad pussy against my hard-on. Izzy moans…

Isabella: I’ve been wanting you ever since I laid eyes on you Rick.

MC: Izzy… I…

She moved off of me, just enough to slip off her shorts and silk, purple panties. I slid my shorts and boxers down.

Isabella: Yessss… There he is… This is like a fantasy, isn’t it Rick? Stranded on a deserted island with a beautiful woman… and you, a sexy man…

With that, she moved herself into position and allowed me to slide achingly inside of her…

She was wet, tight, incredibly hot… Her sex was intoxicating, like a teenage dream.

Isabella: Ohh yesss… So… Bigggggg! Mmm…

She impaled herself upon me completely, then began riding my cock with a smooth rhythm, running her well-manicured fingers over my chest.

I could only lay there helplessly and let her have her fun, hearing our skin smacking against one another…

Isabella: Oh Godddd… Oh yes! I think I’m cumming already Rick…

MC: Ah… Mmmmm!

Isabella: I’m cumming… Oh God! Let it go… Fill me up baby!


I groan lewdly as I climax, Isabella squealing in delight as she does likewise.

Isabella: Ahhh!! Yesss! Haha… Oh shit, that felt awesome!

MC: Ahhh… Holy shit Izzy…

Isabella: Wow, I don’t usually go that far on a first date… But I just couldn’t help myself.

I think I really needed that, we both did. Mmm…

She laid her head down and against my chest, kissing my chin. I moved my hands lightly along her back and sides, caressing her smooth skin.

We lay there in the quiet, not saying anything. Just enjoying the atmosphere, the feeling of all that sex dying down. Then we soon fell asleep.

—-Dream Starts——

I’m back on the plane again, awaking out of my trance, I think.

Isabella: Would you like a drink Rick?

Rick: Yeah, some bottled water please.

Isabella: Sure.

Rick: (Why is she naked? Wait, everyone on the plane is naked!)

He looks down in shock to see that he is too without clothing and sporting a huge erection.

A redheaded girl in the other aisle, a few seats ahead looks back at Rick…

Girl: It’s my turn, Rick. I want that cock.

Rick: Pardon me?

She is suddenly in the seat with him, on top, her huge breasts in his face.

Girl: I said I want THAT COCK, GIVE IT TO ME NOW!

Isabella: You must make a choice Rick!

—-End of Dream—-


(Holy shit!)

Isabella: Rick! It’s okay honey… It seems like you had another bad dream.

MC: Another one…

Suddenly I realize I am back on the island, but things are very different. I am now inside of a big hut.

The door is open, and I can see the beach.

MC: Where um… Where am I Izzy?

Isabella: Haha silly… You’re still in our bed. Now get up, the girls are waiting for us!

MC: (The girls? What the fuck is going on?)

I get up. I look down the beach… The redhead that jumped on me in that dream is now on the beach.

And another one, blonde, maybe a bit younger. I look down and realize I am completely naked, just like on the plane…

MC: Why am I naked?

Isabella closes the make-shift door then stands up against me, pressing against my cock…

Isabella: After our wild night last night, you seriously don’t remember?

MC: Sorry… I guess I drank too much or something, or maybe it’s the heat.

Isabella: Well, put your trunks on and come on outside. We’ll be waiting for you!

She says that as she walks out and heads down to the beach, swaying that incredible backside of hers.

MC: What the fuck is going on? Am I still dreaming?

I put on my trunks and go down to the shore. The girls are laid out on lawn chairs with umbrellas.

Our ‘deserted’ island is now filled with all manner of beach furniture, a bar, and several huts. Even electricity.

None of this makes any sense. I am so lost right now, that I don’t know what to do.

Blonde: Finally! Come on Rick, put some lotion on me?

Isabella: Now Deanna, you just want Rick’s hands on you again, don’t you?

Deanna: Well of course I do. Who wouldn’t?!

She hands me a bottle of suntan lotion and I start to smear it on her back.

Deanna: Undo my top please. I don’t want to get any tan lines.

I comply… She lifts her lithe young body up a bit and pulls her top aside. She looks so familiar for some reason.

She is stunningly beautiful, like a hot model with large breasts.

Deanna: Don’t really need that now, do we? Hehe.

Redhead: What about me?

I glance over… The redhead is a milf. A bit older, but still has a really hot body.

Deanna: Ah-ah… Finish me first, then you can play with Patty, hehe.

Patty: Mmm… Hurry up Rick…

Deanna starts removing her bikini and I start getting an erection, not noticing that my hands are massaging her inner thighs…

Patty: Mmm… Didn’t get enough of that pussy last night, did you baby?

Me: Oh! I’m sorry, I…

Deanna: Oh go on then, go and give Patty some love too. She was kinda left out last night.

Patty: I passed out actually.

Deanna: You shouldn’t have drunk so much whiskey! Haha!

Isabella: He’s all yours today Patty. Enjoy him, we sure did!

MC: (Oh, this is all just too weird. I’m fucking losing my mind! How the fuck is this beautiful blonde GODDESS hot for me?? And this red-headed MILF?!)

Patty: Come on Rick. You heard the lady. You’re mine now.

MC: (Holy fucking shit… Look at that body…)

Patty turns over so she’s laying down on her front. She’s a bit thick, not fat. Her ass is round and firm, skin tanned and soft. Her pussy presses apart her inner thighs, leaving that sexy gap open to my imagination.

Patty: Now come on stud, do me up too.

I start massaging the lotion into her skin. It’s very soft and warm from the sun.

My cock is throbbing within my trunks so hard, I could cum if I even grazed against her.

Patty: My ass too… And all in between… Mmm…

I massage her ass… I can’t take it anymore… I lift her up, not caring about the other girls sitting right there.

They just watch in silence as I bring that ass up and let my huge boner fall out of my trunks on top of it.

Patty: OH YES! Come on baby… Fuck my pussy… It’s begging for you!

I move the tip of my cock over her ass, then down to her gap between her thighs. Her pussy is soaked, hot, and slippery.

I push myself into her, she lets out a soft squeal, then moans deep. I fight the urge to instantly shoot my load.

Patty: Fuck me baby… this body is YOURS! Give it to me Rick!

Me: Holy shit… I can’t…

I fight it…

MC: (Think! Don’t cum now! God dammit! Uhh… shit! Baseball! Fishing! Pussy! FUCK! Uhh… Oh shit.. AHHH!

Hot rods and airplanes and stewardesses and huge tits… )


Patty: AAHHH!! I CUMMING Ohmmmmmmmy!! You’re filling me up!

MC: Huh… Huh… Oh… My… God…

I exhale heavily, trying to catch my breath after such an intense orgasm.

Patty: You are wonderful Rick! I want some more of that!

I get up and she pulls me towards her, Patty’s face is right against mine… She kisses me and whispers to me…

Patty: Thank you… Don’t forget to choose me baby.

MC: (What? Choose her? What is she talking about?)

I went and laid down in my chair, and then pass out.


Rick is at the airport in Seaside now. Someone comes up from behind him and puts her hands over his face…

Girl: Guess who!?

MC: I… don’t know…

She moves her hands, spins around and sits next to him…

Deanna: It’s me silly! Are you ready?

MC: Ready?

(Deanna really is a Goddess… Perfect face, skin, and those gorgeous blue eyes…

I could simply think about having sex with her while looking into those eyes and have an orgasm, just like that.)

Deanna: You’ve been napping again, haven’t you? We have to go to Rob’s place, remember?

MC: Yeah, yeah…

(How did I end up with her? How does she know about Rob? WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?)

Deanna: Or, we could slip off behind that wall over there for a quickie!

MC: Nah, better not. There are cameras everywhere.

Deanna: That would make it even kinkier!

MC: I don’t think so Dee.

Deanna: Aww… Okay then. Oh look, our rental car is ready, they’re calling your number.

He stands up and has his keys ready. They head outside to his rental car.

Deanna: This is a nice one!

Me: Yeah, not bad.

They put their bags in the backseat then get in the car.

They drive to Rob’s house, but no one is home. He’s left a note for them…

Rob: “Hey Rick! Sorry I missed you buddy, I had a little emergency and had to fly out for the night. Deanna has a key.

So, I’ll see you tomorrow! – Rob”

MC: (Oh Fuck… DEANNA! That’s Rob’s girlfriend! Oh my God…)

Deanna: Come on hot stuff… Let’s head inside, I’m so fucking horny.

She shakes her ass at Rick as she walks in ahead of him.

MC: (Dear God in heaven… What are you doing to me??)

He follows her inside. She takes his bags and tosses them on the floor, then shoves him onto the sofa.

Deanna: No more wasting any time, I want that huge cock of yours in my mouth!

MC: Oh shit

(Not again…)

She pulls his pants down, and his cock is already getting hard. She takes it by the base and sucks the tip deep into her mouth.

MC: OH SHIT… Oh yeah…

Deanna: Mmm.. <smack> Hmm… <suck> Uhmmm…

Deanne quite audibly sucks on his member, coating his length in her saliva and tantalizingly

rolling her tongue around his mushroom-shaped tip.

MC: Geezus… Save me now! I can’t hold out for much longer…

Deanna: Don’t cum yet… Mmmm…

MC: Dammit Deanna… I won’t be able to last…

She backs off for a second, just holding it in her hand, squeezing him at the base.

Deanna: Now… Cum whenever you’re ready to baby. I wanna taste it.

She sucks it back into her mouth, holding her tight grip at the base and working her soft, marshmallow-like lips

up and down his stiff pole.

MC: OH MY GOD… AHHH…. Deanna! I’m about to…

Just as I start to release, she takes it out of her mouth and briefly releases her grip, just enough so

my orgasm shoots over her head. She giggles then tries to catch some of it into her mouth.

She jerks my cock quickly several times so that my cum literally shoots out of my dick like a goddamn cannon.


Deanna: Hehe… Damn, that was fucking awesome! Look, you got some on the other fucking chair!

I look over, and she’s right… I shot a load clear across to the other side of the fucking room.

Deanna: Hahaha! Now that’s some serious pressure relieved!!

MC: Oh Deanna… I am fucking exhausted right now.

She lays me down on the sofa and lays next to me…

Deanna:  It’s okay sweetie… You can sleep now. Take a break honey, make a choice… I love you Rick… Rick… Rick…

—-End of Dream—-

MC: AHHH! Holy shit… What the fuck?

I wake up… It looks like the middle of the night. I’m currently inside of a house that I don’t recognize.

MC: (Am I still at Rob’s?)

I get up out of the bed and find the door… I walk around the dark house and find the front door finally.

I open it, and outside it is the deserted island again. I walk further outside then look back…

It’s a modern house on a deserted island. I notice there must be electricity because there is a lamp on the porch,

and there are a few lights on the beach as well.

MC: Anyone here?

I seem to be alone now.

MC: Anybody?

Girl: You.

MC: What? Hey… Who’s there?

Girl: Me asshole.

MC: Wait, I can’t see you?

She steps into the light… It’s Isabella.

MC: Izzy!?

Isabella: Don’t call me that.

MC: Why are you mad at me? What’s happening?

I notice that she has a gun. And then I hear it click.

MC: Izzy, wait! Baby, what’s going on, please? I don’t…


The flash of the gun lit up the dark area briefly and then I find myself on the ground. I felt hot liquid flowing from my side.

Girl: Man, you really are an idiot, aren’t you? (Giggle)

MC: What?

Girl: Tsk tsk…  I don’t know if I can fix this. I’ll have to ask the boss.

MC: What?

Girl: What? What?? Is that all you can say? I gave you three choices and you didn’t make one!

Two girls from your fantasies and one that you met in real life! Why didn’t you choose!?!?

MC: I didn’t know I was supposed to!

I open my eyes… I am on the beach, it’s bright, sunny, and beautiful. A fairy is flying around in front of me, talking to me.

Girl: What shall I do with you, hmm? What indeed?

MC: Are you a…?

Girl: Yes… A fairy. I granted your wish… A new life of your choosing or die trying. That’s what you said!

MC: I didn’t know someone was listening to my thoughts. Much less that my wishes might be granted.

Girl: Well, too bad for you! Now you’re fucking dead!

MC: I am? Shit!

Girl: Haha, no, I’m kidding! Gets them every time, hahaha!

MC: Hey, that’s not funny!

Girl: Sure it is! And hey, you’re naked, did you know that?

MC: What?!!

I look down… I’m fucking naked!

MC: What the fuck! Where are my clothes?

Girl: I took them when you died! You didn’t need them anymore!

MC: Oh, you little fairy, I’m gonna rip yer god damn wings off!

Girl: HAHAHA! I love it! Now that was much better! I tell you what handsome…

I’ll give you one more chance to make your choice. But first, you have to do something for me.

MC: Anything…

Girl: Are you sure?

MC: Within reason!

Girl: Hahaha! I like you, Rick. Now, don’t get scared… watch…

A flash of light and the fairy was now a full-size woman instead of the size of my hand.

Girl: I want you to fuck me with that giant cock of yours. Then you can make your choice.

MC: Uhh… okay??

Girl: Look… I don’t do this for just anyone, so consider yourself special. You died in that plane crash.

The life you choose here will be your heaven for eternity. You both will never die, never grow old…

You’ll live happily and comfortably forever. But, first, I want that giant cock!

MC: (Who am I to deny her? I mean, she’s a fairy after all! She’s only doing her job, right? Fuck it… Let’s go giant cock!)

MC: Okay, let’s do this.

Girl: Finally! Come on, let’s go inside the house. I want to do it on the bed!

I follow her inside… More like run after her because she is running. No, SPRINTING into the house!

She seems really anxious. We get to the bedroom and she snaps her fingers, and all of her clothes disappear.

She has an amazing body, large breasts, but not too large… And aside from her wings, she looks like a normal woman.

Girl: Now, come on, Rick… Let me get a taste that huge cock first… Get it ready. Oh, by the way…

My name is Misha. Now… Come give Misha that cock.

She wastes no time sucking my cock. She’s very good, but I can tell she hasn’t done it a lot.

Misha: Okay, now I want you to fuck me!

She turns around on all fours on the bed… I kneel in behind her…

Misha: Don’t mess around, just SHOVE IT IN baby!

Me: Are you sure?

Misha: YES! Come on baby… STICK IT IN ME! ALL OF IT! And don’t hold back if you need to cum!

I do as she says… I ram my cock deep inside her wet pussy. It feels amazing, and I fight the urge to cum too fast because I want to enjoy it.

However, she starts cumming immediately…

Misha: AHHHHH! Oh yes… AHHHH Another! I’m cumming again! OH Mmm! Again!!

I almost laugh because she is literally cumming the entire time that I’m inside of her.

Misha: Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!


I start to understand now why she said not to hold back… So, I let it go, and she cums several times while I am climaxing.

And then she and I both drop down upon the bed, breathing heavily…

Misha: Oh… Ahhh… Oh God… Ohhh Rick…

MC: Are you okay Misha?

Misha: Yeah… Oh god yes, I’m fine. Just give me a minute to catch my breath.

After a while, Misha finally sits up on the bed. She snaps her fingers and returns to her normal size.

Misha: Rick, thank you. That was amazing!

MC: I’m glad I could please you Misha. So, what happens now?

Misha: Well, it’s quite simple really… you tell me which reality you want, and it will be yours.

Technically, there are four choices including the death one. But here are your choices…

Misha: You could have the first reality… The one where you and Isabella live alone on the island forever, happily ever after.

Misha: Your second option, the one where you, Isabella, Patty, and Deanna all live together, and all three women love you forever

and you all live happily ever after.

Or, the third one, where you were sleeping with Deanna, Rob’s girlfriend… You actually would end up living on the island

with her forever, happily ever after.

And, I hate that I have to list this as well, but these are the rules. The final choice is death… Let it all end now.

Isabella shoots you and you die here… I would simply leave now, and you would go back to dying and whatever

happens after that happens.

She flies slowly around my head then lands on my shoulder.

Misha: So… What will it be, Rick? One, two, three, or four?

Me: One.

Misha: And with that, our deal is complete. You will fall asleep now.

When you wake up, you’ll be sleeping naked next to Isabella. And as a bonus, I’ll leave the house and magical electricity!

MC: Sweet. Thank you, Misha.

Misha:  Awww… Don’t mention it handsome. I like you, and I may come and visit you two sometime!

MC: I would like that very much, Misha.

Misha: All right then… Off you go!!


Sure enough, Isabella is there lying next to me, whispering in my ear.

Isabella: Hey, are you okay baby?

MC: Hey… Yeah, what time is it?

Isabella: I don’t know sweetie, we don’t have a watch or clock here, but we don’t really need it, do we?

MC: Haha… That’s true.

Isabella: So, you finally made your choice?

I sat up…

Me: Wait, you knew about that?

Isabella: Well, Misha said that this version of me would remember it. It’s hard to explain, but here we are baby…

In our own heaven… Want to see it?

Me: Yes… Let me get dressed…

Isabella: You don’t need to get dressed. We’re alone here. It isn’t cold, and you won’t burn in the sun. Just come and enjoy this…

I follow Isabella outside. The air feels so pleasant, it is almost arousing.

Isabella: Want one of those coconuts up there?

MC: Uh, sure?

Isabella: Good! Climb up there and bring one for me too!

MC: Huh? You just climb up there?

Isabella: Trust me… Do it!

MC: Okay, I’m going…

I walk up to the tall tree. I grab a hold of it and pull myself up. I find that I am as light as a feather and I can effortlessly walk up the tree.

The feeling is amazing and surreal.

Isabella: Just drop a few down here hun!

I knock a couple of them off and they fall to the ground. Then I just push myself back down to the ground.

MC: That was incredible!

Isabella: Yeah, just wait until you see all the neat things we can do! Like for instance, this!

She grabs a coconut and just pulls the outside hull off like it was nothing. I pick up one and do the same.

MC: Wow!

Isabella: You do still have to be careful cracking it open though. Hehe.

We spend an enjoyable day together. She shows me around, and some interesting things that we are able to do here.

I also learn that we will never be cold or hot, there are no bugs or anything that can harm us in any way. We don’t feel pain.

We feel pleasure more amplified. The pleasure is so intense that having sex is just another form of pleasure.

Simply touching each other or being close is just as pleasurable. The sun sits low over our heavenly ocean,

its light slowly fading, bending in the atmosphere and creating a colorful evening sky for us to enjoy.

We sit on the beach quietly enjoying the view.

Misha appears before us…

Misha: Hey kids!

Isabella: Misha! How are you?

MC: Hey Misha.

Misha: I just thought I would drop in and check on my favorite couple! Isn’t it awesome here?! You guys had the best fantasies!

Isabella: We love it here.

Misha: And you can fuck all you want!

MC: Misha!

Misha: Sorry! But just know that you can.

MC: Dirty little fairy! Haha!

Isabella: Thank you for everything, Misha.

Misha: Oh, don’t mention it sweetie. I’m going to miss you guys!

Isabella: Miss us? Where are you going?

Misha: Oh honey, my work here is finished. I have others to attend to. This is your life now.

Isabella: Well, we will miss you too.

MC: Yes, thank you.

Misha: Really… I’m just glad you made the right choice Rick! And I’ll miss our fun too.

She winks at Rick, making it obvious.

MC: Uhh…

Isabella: Hahaha! She told me all about what you two did together Rick, don’t look so worried honey.

MC: MISHA! Really?!

Misha: Oh! That’s my cue. Gotta go kids. Anyway, enjoy your lives, enjoy each other and all that stuff!

OH! I almost forgot, if you see the devil, don’t pay any attention to her! Bye!

MC: The devil is a she?!

Isabella: Devil??

Rick/Isabella: MISHA!!!!???

The End.