DMD v.0.18 Is Finally Here!

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Hi guys!

Good morning/evening, to wherever in the world you are reading this from!

So after three long and somewhat stressful months for myself and the team, the DMD story finally continues.

I know there are plenty of you that had your doubts, that a continuation of the game may not happen, which is completely understandable. But here we are!

Like I said before, we are committed to finishing the game no matter what.

About this update

V18 is a fine balance of the progression in the relationship between D and the MC, sex scenes and characters trying to discover or discuss some of their hidden secrets, as well as trying to work out other’s character’s possible secrets as well.

Due to the fact we had only a little less than four weeks to work on DMD this month (as opposed to Melody v0.0.2 where we had five weeks), there isn’t as much content in v18 as in previous updates. I am truly sorry for this.

The most important thing for us, which has been a huge goal for the past three or so months, was simply to make sure the game continued on.

As most of you would know if you had played up to the end of v17, the MC and the girls will be taking a trip out to the countryside.

We have carefully chosen some specific set designs, one in particular you may recognize straight away if you’re a big fan of a certain eighties hit movie franchise! 😉

The school project the girls are there to collect information for will be more focused on for v19. We will have more time to work on that update, so we’ll explore that more in the next release. There will be also an explanation as to why D simply can’t leave the country with F. So, look out for that scene!

Remember guys, “This Is Donutistan”, where normal rules of the world don’t always apply! 😀


Extra Scenes (I couldn’t send this list via email due to Mailchimp rules):

– Dad fingering D’s pussy on the shower

– Dad licking D’s pussy at the hotel

– Elena hand job in the car (animated)

– Daughter oral on the train (animated)

– Elena reverse cowgirl on the train (animated version)

– Elena doggy on the train (animated and POV animated version)

– D oral at the hotel

– D sucking balls at the hotel

– Bonus 69er scene with D (Check the walkthrough on how to unlock this scene)

– Bonus anal play scene with D

Final Words

I hope you enjoy playing DMD v0.18, and again, thanks for sticking with us.

We make these games for you as much as we do for ourselves.

If you haven’t checked out my other game “MELODY” as yet, a free demo of the game is now available at my Patreon page (in the “Overview” section”) for you to download at:

Remember, if you wish to donate to the production and future releases of DMD, please do so through “Buy Me a Coffee” at:

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Thank you so much.


52 thoughts on “DMD v.0.18 Is Finally Here!

  1. I couldnt go to sleep without playing this version. It was awesome. Good job my friend. greetings from Germany 1:35am ;p


  2. This freaking story is about to take off like a rocket with so many delicious cliff hangers! 🙂 Even I don’t know how things are going to turn out in the final product. This episode makes my plot-twist loving heart pound with delight!


  3. It really has the potential to be a master piece. Explore the depth of thought for each decision forward into depravity and lust and the Love that drives it all. Many times action forward has a hint of reluctance and the Love is the push as much as lust. The focused attention of small moments makes for masterful events.


  4. (Bug report follows) Beautimus. The “song reference” was a nice touch, very cute. I actually just started following this around the time the last update came out, so this is my first time seeing the difference a single update makes for this game. I wasn’t disappointed, so seeing you say this one was small made me all the more excited for the next one. Good thing we have more Melody coming while we wait! This was another fine day with a D. Thanks for not giving up on this game, and thanks for making Melody really feel like its own thing. They’re both great.

    With that said, here’s my bug report from my first play-through. There’s a copy of this in the discord as well.

    No transition issues from my save at the end of v0.17.
    I was a little worried since you’d said you changed it a bit at the end, but it went off without a hitch. 🙂

    – It does not like rolling back around the first question during truth or dare.
    It keeps throwing errors and crashing.

    – Other than that, all I’ve found so far is a typo/grammar slip or two.
    As they are getting ready to play truth or dare at the hotel, Elena says,
    “Now if you will excuse us Kevin, we need to get changed
    and put ON something more comfortable ON.”
    -There’s a similar word repetition as Elena is pondering how drunk she is near the end of the game,
    but frankly it just makes her look drunk, so it’s kinda funny the way it is

    – Truth Or Dare: Question 3, the walkthrough says you gain +2 friendship if you choose truth
    In the game, it did not increase the score at all.

    – The walkthrough only lists five of the six questions for truth or dare.
    It is missing the answers to question 4 (truth=2FP, dare=nothing).
    What it then gives listed as the answers to 4 and 5 are really for 5 and 6.


  5. Thank you so much guys for all the efforts and for continuing this game. Great update,i said that Melody was so impressive that it could top DMD but i was wrong,DMD is just something else. I love this new D,i can’t wait to see what will happen next after this update. The thought of waiting three months for new update is depressing but if that is the way to continue this game i can survive it.
    I understand that the things are not ideal but keep it up guys,this game is too good to be rushed or left unfinished. All the best!


      1. If we are not on the “Daughter only” path, how far back in the game do we have to go to change this? Is it all the way back into Chapter 1?


      2. Try this. Go to right before Truth or Dare. Go into your relationship profile section and turn everyone to no relationship. Then do all the Dare options. You should get the 69 scene. (But I will still curse you for not loving D enough to have at least one “Daughter only” path running in your game saves.) 🙂


  6. I’ve played this update about three times. It really is at the level of my expectations. The animation is very good and the quality of the images too, as always. The story is interesting and entertaining. I know that now we will have to wait for two months because I understand that the next project will be to update “Melody”, but the wait will be worthwhile after testing the quality of the final product. Thanks to all those who make it possible !!!


  7. Awesome job! Now I know why D looks to have a porcelain butt in the shower. I really liked the “change position option” on boobjob – had not seen that before. This is a remarkable project, incest or not. Keep up the good work guys!


  8. Great update. The Rachel scene reminded me, however, that there really is no good resolution to this situation as things stand. D can’t cut off a relationship with one of her parents, it’d be too cruel if she was restricted to just one of them for the rest of her life. I hope she can somehow be convinced to join in the family debauchery so D does not have to lose one of her parents (maybe through Elena’s machinations.)


    1. I hear you. I too want something more, but it will probably have to leave Rachel somewhere in the middle: halfway between (1) having MC’s baby on the same day and in the same ward as D; and (2) Rachel hiring an elite gang of assassins to kill both MC and D.


      1. Yeah, as much as I’d like Rachel the MILF to redeem herself and join the harem, and I trust the author’s storytelling skills, I’m not sure it would be plausible at this point, so I’d settle with the gang blackmailing her and Brad into letting them go. Plenty of people cut off ties with screwed-up or abusive relatives in adulthood, Rachel has been an horrible mother and the source of D’s baggage, no great loss if she gets lost. D can cope and build herself a much better life than the emotional wasteland Rachel, Brad, and Frank were preparing for her with the loving help of F and her BFF, not to mention find a better female role model with Georgina.


      2. Yeah, it would take some serious twisting to make Rachel turn around, Just would be hard to make make sense plus she is hot but I have no interest in having her in my harem. lol


  9. When letting us know what the extra scenes are, I’d appreciate it if you somehow put it in spoliers, or perhaps link to that information. I think I speak for many when I say that it is kind of spoiling what is gonna happen in the update. I try to avoid reading it but even then I want to read the rest of the text and I always end up catching a word or two.


    1. Well keep that in mind for the next update bolenart.
      Maybe we can hide what the extras are and you guys (and girls) can decide if you want to view it or not. Thanks for the feedback


  10. Excellent work as always: I’m so glad this wonderful game survived, even with such a delayed schedule (but I love Melody just the same, in its own way). This version is full of good stuff, although for me a special mention goes to the D and Elena scene. It was so hot it prompted me to revise my playthrough to maximize the Exh and Shr scores that might make D more open-minded to polyamory experimentation, even at the price of a bit less lovey-dovey friendship and love points with F. Now more than ever, I’m eager to see this story result in one big happy harem with F, D, Elena, Georgina, and Jennifer. Curse Doughnutistan and its screwed-up age of majority laws, even if it is a good explantion why F, D, and Elena can’t just yet board a plane and give the finger to Rachel and Brad. I am curious to see how our heroes shall overcome the problem, although so far I’m betting on exploiting either Rachel’s cheating habits or some shady business deal of Brad, much as F and Georgina dealt with Maria.


  11. For some reason whenever I click “H”, the dialogue box won’t go away. Is there something I’m doing wrong?


  12. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put on this Game.. eagerly waiting for further updates. Love and support from Philippines


  13. I thank you very much for continuing developing this game.
    Great update!

    Coffee bought.
    I really hope to see this game released in full, even if it takes a long time.


    1. Hey tenchifew!

      Yes we also hope to get to the end of the this game as well, which has been a huge priority for us for a long time.

      Thanks for your feedback and donations!


  14. Really great update! Loved it alot 😀 please continue with the game, I buy loads of coffee, so looking forward to the 0.19 already 🙂 Thanks.


  15. This was an awesome update! Really love this game. So glad I chose to support the game.(I’ve only bought 1 coffee, so not a lot of support) But, I plan on continuing to support you and the game, it is well worth it. I can’t wait for the next update!!


  16. LUV D n Melody! but D is nxt lvl nxt to Mel =) im totally a supporter on patreon and look forward to ALL updates hehe i was wondering if yall plan on making it an optional path on DMD to have all gf’s work out and u end up with all of them? i think tht’d b a cool path option


  17. Stumbled across this game and fell in love with it immediately!! I also joined your Patreon for Melody as well and can’t wait to continue playing both.
    With DMD I can see a possible twist in the future as to the true identity of the relationship between the MC and D, just saying because of the obvious infidelity that the mother has. I can’t wait for future episodes and am waiting anxiously to play! Keep up the great work!!


  18. I LOVE this game. Story is great, artwork and animations are great, i couldn’t go to be last night, sat up all night and progressed the game. Looking forward to more of it 🙂 I am so glad that you didn’t decide to reflect our current society where at least i feel that so many young girls get tattoos, especially the arm-kind, which is so popular. I don’t like that on a female body and especially when this is about an innocent 18 yo girl. Cudos!


  19. can you tell when the next part will be available ? can’t wait this is the best game ever !!


  20. DMD is hands down amazing and the cliff hanger of the chapter 2 keeps me wondering what is going to happen and how they will get out of it.

    Also the melody dress and dmd d dress was a nice touch. If anuone missed it 🙂

    Will dmd and melody do a cross over? Since they are in the same universe?


    1. It would truly be awesome if Melody could appear in DMD ;-). The other way around is not possible for sure.


  21. Just another fan here, want to say many thanks for the hard work on this. I really LOVE it and can’t wait to see how things continue to evolve.


  22. Really enjoy your game. Will continue to support as long as you keep improving/updating it.


  23. Hi. I just want to ask if DMD will be updated in the coming months? Hope to hear from you guys. Thanks and more power.


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