25 thoughts on “DMD v.20 – She’s Got Her Eyes On You

      1. c’est dommage j’aurai préférer y voir Margo, c’est la seule fille qui ne cherchait juste une relation sexuelle d’un jour et rein qui pourrai compromettre la relation entre D et F.


    1. I think at least the daughter and Elena are a very reasonable possibility, though I wouldn’t say no to Jennifer or Cassandra either. 😃


    1. I don’t think anybody is going to be offended: tastes are different. Personally I find her rather cute, while Georgina has too big breasts (for my liking). But since you can ignore either of them, I don’t see the issue. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  1. I wish Jennifer had at least an A cup as all she has now is nipples.
    The french-kiss with Daughter looks like she is panting or sticking her tongue out! The other characters frenching scenes are better as they are from a 45-degree angle or a 90-degree angle.


  2. first thing, thank you for your work and holding your words on the game, secon thing is a question, the last evening is intended as last evening far from home or last evening. Don’t know how to explain but what DMD did perfectly was to give every character a meaning, and a deep backstory, something that is missing in the last two days almost if the game need to end as you need to work on Melody, that, btw, is a little masterpiece.


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