Hi everyone!

We’re back again with a new preview for DMD v0.21.

For those who don’t know, we’ve created a SubscribeStar page to test their services. So if you’d like to support us there, here’s the link:

There are 3 more extra previews for our subscribers 😉



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10 thoughts on “Stepmom?

  1. Thx for this 2 awesome games, Mr Dots 🙂
    I really dunno why DMD what banned from patreon, there are lot of others VN incest game allowed.
    Can’t wait for the 0.21 of DMD and the next Melody version ^^
    I hope elena will change his mind and join Mc and Daughter 🙂
    Now Mc and D can live their live together, sleep together every night, maybe a baby soon? 🙂
    we know one of the Daughter dream is to marry MC, so i’m sure this ill be the happy ending of this game


  2. If it’s up to me? No. I mean there are already Elena, Jennifer and of course the D to take care of. 😉

    Can’t wait how deep their relationships will go and what’s in store for all of them! Together with Melody this is one of the very best VNs.


  3. Ending with D and Georgina has been my goal from the start. Always thought Georgina as a mother figure to D (replacing horrible Rachel(?)) would be a good way to accomplish that.


  4. i dont like having another women other than the D, i hate NTR in game or cheating, This game is about MC and D to achieve their goal to end up together and maybe marry and baby, dont need stemon.

    And don’t forget what Rachel said in the lawyer office, she will don’t give up, so i’m sure we will see Rachel in the future update soon trying to get back the D with her, maybe Rahcel will find the relation between the lawyer and his niece (incest) and blackmail the lawyer to try to make the D come back with her.


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