SL Development Update 3 – New Character Previews!

Hello to all our fans and supporters!

As promised, we are today unveiling the next character in our forthcoming release for Sunshine Love.

We have read your comments, concerns and criticisms of our lead-female MC over the past week, and we have made some physical changes to her figure which we hope most of you will find more appealing. Don’t worry, she’s not changed much. Only a few tweaks here and there were made.

As we have mentioned previously, there will be a variety of different female characters that will feature throughout this new VN.

Therefore, it gives you us a better chance of providing a character that may be suited more to your specific tastes, interests, desires etc.

We also mentioned in our post last week that we will reveal a new character each week, up until just before the first version of Sunshine Love is released.

About the game

We also wanted to use today’s post to give everyone more insight into what this game will be about, some of the objectives, etc.

But at the same time, we don’t want to give away too much either, as not to spoil things!

You will play as the main character (the guy in last week’s picture previews) who finds himself having to travel from his home to Sunshine Bay near the start of the game.

He goes there to help his childhood female friend run a Bed and Breakfast Hotel, which is located in Sunshine Bay. Your objective is to help her create more business for her flailing hotel before it goes into receivership. You will stay there during the usually busy Summer period, or three months if things go well.

You will also be given the task of helping her to recruit other people (or characters) in the town for specific positions at the hotel (e.g a cook, a maid, a receptionist, plus other jobs!).

As the game progresses, you will get to know some or all of these characters a lot better, and you will have the option to choose to see them as a work colleague, friend or maybe even something more!

Now before you ask, there won’t be any grinding or anything like that involved in the game, so don’t worry about it. Our idea is to keep the same gameplay from our two previous games and adding a little extra stuff to make the gameplay and endings not so linear. We’ll share more details about this in a future post.

There is a very detailed backstory that features at the start of the game. It will explain the relationship between the MC and his friend. You will also find out what his present situation is, and the exact reason why he must leave his hometown to go to Sunshine Bay.

Again, we don’t want to give too much of the story away before the game is even released!

About the new character

The character in the previews below is the female-MC’s “best friend”.

She’s eighteen years old, a keen surfer, and is currently studying at college. Her intention is to also help your friend with the running of the hotel.

Like with you and the “friend” characters, you will be able to name the FMC’s best friend character when she appears in the game.

So have a good think about the name that you would like to give to her 😉

(Feel free to post a name that you might consider for her in the comments section!)

Please let us know your thoughts on this character in the comments section below.

This new game is not just about us and our personal tastes, it’s for you guys and girls also. So use this opportunity when we post each character preview to let us know exactly what you think.

All feedback is welcome including criticism, as long as it’s constructive.

So, here she is:

Full image:

Full image:

Full image:

Full image:

She’s a lot shorter than the MC. She’s 152cm tall or 5 feet tall. FMC calls her Shortcake because she’s short, sweet, and adorable! 😛

Changes to the childhood “Friend” character

As mentioned above and in replies, we gave to most of you who had some concerns about the first preview of the “friend” character, we have made some adjustments to her physique, to try and give her a more realistic look.

The main thing we want for this character is for her to be completely different in every possible way to the lead female-MC in our previous two VN’s.

We are well aware that it’s almost impossible to create a lead character that everybody is going to like. However, having multiple female love interests appear in this new game will give you all more options, and to (hopefully) find that one girl or woman that fits the bill!

Just because the “friend” is one of the main female characters in SL, doesn’t automatically make her the most important, or everyone’s favourite.

We know that. So please keep that in mind for when we get closer to the release date and when you are viewing the new character reveals over the next few weeks. We consider them all as someone’s favourite new character, regardless of how big their role in the game will be.

Full image:

Full image:

Other details

Some fans have asked what fetishes will appear in SL, or how it will differ to our first two VN’s.

All we can say right now is that we are very open to ideas and suggestions, and that we will try not to rule anything out at the present time.

However, please see the disclaimer below to see what will not feature in this version of our new game:

Disclaimer: “Sunshine Bay” will not feature bestiality, rape, and child exploitation. There will also be no fringe sexual fetish creations, such as necrophilia, NTR or fetish creations that are hard to distinguish from non-consensual sex. That’s not what we’re about and most people that have played our first two games will know that about us already.

We’ll share a full fetishes list in a future post.


So anyways, please leave us your thoughts, feedback and constructive criticism about our new character previews, or anything to do with the new game, in the comments section below.

Thanks to all you guys (and girls) that have posted up messages and suggestions on our various pages over the past few weeks.

We’re still going through them all and we’ll do our very best to include these ideas into this new VN wherever we can.

And if we don’t, then we will consider them for our other current game or any VN’s that we create in the future 😉

SL v0.1 will be released in late-March, with an exact release date to be posted up soon.

Be sure to check back with us next week for our fourth character preview, as well as more details about the release of Sunshine Love!

Have a great day!


23 thoughts on “SL Development Update 3 – New Character Previews!



  1. I asked once, and MrDots told me it would be based on incest,
    now you are denying that, ok, fine,
    I even liked this new character, the main one was very artificial,
    but as it has now been announced that there will be no incest,
    I’ll stay away from him, and thanks for warning,
    That way I don’t waste my money.
    I didn’t mean to offend, far from it,
    Although it does not seem so, it was a constructive criticism.
    Good luck with your new game.

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      1. Maybe you have not really lost your interest in MrDots games. Maybe you’re reacting to a situation that exists only in your mind. I suggest you contact Jeff or other staff member by other means than this page in order to clarify the real situation.


  2. Thank you for mentioning my post suggestion. It is great to know that you and your team are so engaged with your fans. I wasn’t thinking anything too extreme regarding the fetish/kink topic. My initial suggestion was intended to individualize each character and give them their own unique personality. Corruptible or non-corruptible would represent how strong or weak willed they are and identify their moral centers (I.E. – Choosing to or not to drink alcohol or smoking marijuana). Also, fetishes/kinks doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual, although it could. It could also be a lifestyle or some addiction a character has, such as choosing a “goth, biker, or gangster” lifestyle look. The MC could be tasked with helping someone with getting off of a hard drug addiction because that person is too weak-willed to get off of it themselves.
    Mentioning that your team wants to go a more non-linear route, it sounded like things may be repeatable. Personally, I am hoping that is the case and you suggested that you are open to ideas. Now, the FMC has had alterations since the first version, to me I thought the body change was pretty drastic. Regardless of my taste or your teams taste as you said, it will be hard to make a character that everyone likes. There is where my suggestion is… anyone that plays the game makes the characters they want in “their” game. What girl doesn’t like to go to the salon to have a mani/pedi and get her hair done, waxing and so on. If you have the characters initially as “templates” and include a morphing tool in game that could modify their appearance that could solve the character alterations that you are concerned about. Hell, you could also incorporate that into the story as well. One character wants to have a good grooming because her look is unmanageable while her friend is having a boob job because she has low self-esteem. I am unsure of what assets you have to make this possible but I have seen it in other games so that is why I suggested it.
    Lastly, you asked for a name for the FMC. My suggestion is Redina or Red as a nickname to compliment her as a redhead. Yes the MMC has his own nickname for her, but everyone else that knows her calls her Redina, Red or to a lesser degree Dina. This makes the MMC’s nickname for her a bit more special. While thinking of a name and given her age, I imagined her as someone as a firey redhead that has high emotional self control (given the work environment of working a B&B), but when she reaches her limit, she explodes and then has to get away from everyone to cool down. This could explain one reason why the B&B isn’t doing so well. Maybe some of the customers have accidentally heard explode at the staff. Maybe exploding at the staff has make some of them quit and that would play into why the MMC is tasked with hiring new staff. The MMC could then help her better manage her stress so she doesn’t get so overwhelmed.
    Anyway, these are just one person’s thoughts, I am sure you and your team will be flooded with suggestions. But, you asked so I thought I would share some ideas. Keep up the great work!

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  3. The new character is smokin’ HOT and looks absolutely amazing in every way! She’s my favourite so far. I’m already excited for the new game!

    The plot sounds interesting as well, and made me think about a few possibilities.

    You’ve mentioned players will have options, in terms of which girl to pursue, and that’s awesome. The only problem I had with Melody game, is that during my second playthrough, I really wanted to go for Isabella, but her route was the shortest one of them all.
    The perfect game for me would be where you can really go all the distance with the girl you choose. And I don’t mean every side girl should have a game-long story, that’s too much work. I just think, it would be great if you could end things with main character, and the game would continue with side character as the main lead. I think it may be possible to tie it with the plot too – let’s say the main girl leaves town for another job, and the girl you chose now running things with the hotel.
    I don’t know if it’s possible to do, but that would elevate the choice aspect to a whole new level.

    Anyway, thanks for the update guys, all looks great, can’t wait for the game!

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  4. Sorry jeffssteel, I did not understand the final part of your comment, “because why leave it if you did not care?”
    What grade? You won’t tell me either that I said MrDots games are rubbish,
    I’ve never said it anywhere, prove me the opposite.
    Certain situations made me lose interest and lust in his games, including DMD that I loved so much.
    But I repeat, and let it be clear, nothing personal with the team members.
    And just because I don’t like something I’ll call it trash,
    how they attributed it to me.


  5. No worries. I was just wondering that you seem Tom”have had interest” in MDots games, but now have “lost interest” based in “certain situations”, then what are those situations that caused you to lose interest. PM me over at Discord if you’d prefer.


    1. Thanks for the concern jeff steel,
      but let’s leave it, I don’t use Discord anymore.
      And yes, I was a big fan of MrDots, especially DMD,
      maybe it’s just a bad thing,
      maybe I’ll be interested in the future again.


  6. The readhead is totally cuuuute *_*
    And “for her to be completely different in every possible way to the lead female-MC in our previous two VN’s.” Does that mean … pubic hair confirmed ? Yeeesss !!! Or i’m daydreaming ?


  7. I really like the new character, looks perfect. The MC’s “friend” looks better now aswell. I also like the idea of the game not beeing to linnear like DMD or Melody. (Don’t get me wrong, I really like those games aswell, but VN is getting abit old). Maybe I’m hoping for to much for it to be a sandbox though.

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  8. The new character looks gorgeous! You guys are getting better and better every time! Very beautiful, attractive and realistic. Just awesome.

    My only wish for the new game is more endings with different girls and longer alternative routes.
    I know it’s a LOT of work, but the ultimate VN is the one where choice really matters.
    It kinda sucks that if a player doesn’t really like the main female lead, and instead goes for alternatives, the game becomes shorter and narrower.

    I like the idea of Lev237, a few comments above: the main female lead should be interchangeable.
    And it starts with the plot. It couldn’t be done with DMD, or Melody, because those stories revolved heavily around one special character (daughter in one case and rare talent in another).
    However, if the main lead of the game is not someone special, just a friend or simply an ordinary character doing an ordinary job, she can be changed for a character of a player’s desire.

    Basically, the main story should be about YOU, rather than about female lead.
    What if I’m managing the hotel? And I have to hire an assistant, and then something happens, and then another thing happens, yadda yadda yadda, and then I get one of the multiple endings, depending on my choices throughout the game.
    I think that would be great.


  9. The MC’s sympathetic female companion. MC’s s. for short, looks gorgeous! The right amount of innocence and spirit of adventure on her face.


  10. I think that also creating an incest game where the protagonist we control is feminine, that you decide if you seduce your father or siblings, those games out of reality are the ones that catch, the protagonist an 18-year-old girl’s face but with hips, buttocks, and huge breasts


  11. Just by looking at her I get the feeling that as with Melody, the female MC’s best friend will win my heart over.
    Hopefully this time she can be fully romanceable.
    You guys are amazing.


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