A Tribute to Chatterbox – creator of “LEXI”

Hello to all our supporters.

It is with a heavy heart that we put this post up today. We normally don’t acknowledge other games or creators on our site, but this post is more than a worthy exception, given the tragic circumstances.

For those of you who don’t know yet, last week we received news that fellow developer Chatterbox, who was a long-time admirer and supporter of our games, and also the main creator behind visual novel “Lexi”, had sadly passed away.

We were all very upset to receive this news, and our heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends, and those who worked closely with him.

From the various people that we have communicated with online over the past few days, which includes Gamersglory (who was left all rights to Lexi by Chatterbox), they only had incredibly positive things to say about him.

He was great at communicating with his supporters and even gave time to those who didn’t financially support the work that he was doing as well.

Even despite the health issues that he endured while creating his first-ever game, he was still very optimistic, an ambitious guy, and remained positive throughout. He didn’t want his illness to be a reason not to keep working on his game, which says everything about the hard-working gentlemen he was.

Chatterbox had contacted us a number of times and he always came across as very humble, always wanting to learn and he was kind enough to mention that our game Melody had inspired him to create his own visual novel.

This industry of creating games/visual novels is incredibly challenging for us even at the best of times, and we honestly feel eternally grateful that we get to do this for a living and meet exceptional people like Chatterbox along the way.

But sometimes in life, you receive news like this that you can never properly prepare yourself for.

Gamersglory, SuperWriter, and those that were still working on Lexi with Chatterbox up until a month or so ago, still intend to complete the game, as they know that’s what CB would have wished for. And we’d like to do our bit by helping to support their team as best as we can.

They have a Fan Discord if you would like to join their group and ask their admin any questions, or if you require more information about the game and their intentions for the future: https://discord.gg/ZrnDMzy

Chatterbox has a Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/lexigame and Subscribestar page: https://subscribestar.adult/lexigame

However, we’re waiting on confirmation if the guys are going to continue their work on Lexi through these pages or start up a brand new one.

May Chatterbox rest in peace, thank you for being a positive influence on those who had the fortune of knowing you.

Love from me and my team.

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