Happy Father’s Day – v.27 Release Day Announced!

Hello again everyone!

As promised, we have some brand-new previews from the forthcoming version of DMD – Version 27!

However, we are doing something a little different this time around, seeing as it’s Father’s Day today (in nearly 60% of the world it is, lol).

In the previews above, we wanted to dedicate this pic to you the main character, D’s father, and to all the awesome Dad’s out there!

Let us know what you think of this special pic in the comments section below.

To see more pictures from this set (and for heaps of other goodies), you will need to join my Subscribestar page here: http://subscribestar.com/mrdotsgames

We will post up some preview pics from the next update sometime next week.

v.27 Release Day

And we can also announce today that DMD v.27 will be released on Saturday, July 18th.

So that gives us four more weeks to complete and bring to you the next update of the game.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys and girls, and as always, take care of each other.


11 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day – v.27 Release Day Announced!

  1. Hopefully there will be a proper all anal threesome with D and Jennifer or D and elena or even a foursome with all of them and MC taking all of them in the ass
    That would be awesome


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