DMD v.27 – Final preview pics and news about Chapter 3!

Hello to my loyal followers from all over the world.

Today we are sharing with you the last of our preview pic before DMD v.27 is released next weekend.

Back by much popular demand, the dynamic duo, Elena and Jennifer, return in this next update!

What kind of mischief do you think that they will get up to this time around?

Find out when the next instalment of Dating My Daughter is released NEXT Saturday, July 18th!

We also wanted to let you all know some important news.

V27 will be the second last update for Chapter 3, with the final part to be released sometime in September. Then we will start working on Chapter 4 in early-2021.

However, we will be using the month of November to do a revision of both Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. What we will be looking to work on and include in that release are things such as:

– fixing plotholes
– fixing grammar errors (that you guys have listed for us for the past couple of years!)
– fixing bugs in the game
– adding in extra scenes
– extending some scenes
– adding in more animations
– adding in a bonus gallery (like we did for Chapter 1)
– anything else we can think of!

We might take an extra month early next year to do another revision if we can’t do all of the things above in just one month.

You will also find in next weekend’s release that some paths or scenes are incomplete (these specific paths will be mentioned in the Walkthrough).
The reason for this is because time hasn’t allowed us to include these extra scenes, unfortunately, but they will indeed be added in during the revision month in November. So this update that is due next weekend will be well worth replaying again, once these extra scenes have been included.

We didn’t want to delay the release of v27 as to not throw our schedule (between now and the end of the year) completely out of whack!

v28 is looking like it will be one of our biggest releases yet, so we’re really going to have to put in a lot of hard work again during the five or six weeks that we’ll have to complete it in August/September.

We have more details about all of this in the game day post next weekend.

Have a great day everyone, and thank you very much for your ongoing support!

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17 thoughts on “DMD v.27 – Final preview pics and news about Chapter 3!

    1. potresti aggiungere il tradimento con Marti e con altri personagi maschili, bello per carità ma sta diventando piatto,


  1. Nice to make a revision on chapter 2 and 3 !
    If i can say my advice. I would be cool to have extra cum choice when it’s possible. It’s a little think but can make a great fetish choice whit a small number of pictures. That makes everybody happy whit more happy ending 😉 !

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  2. looking forward to the new update, please add the cheating character with Martin at night in your home! explore this character Excellent game

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  3. I sometimes replay DmD 1 and 2.

    I noticed that there are 2 save file locations. One in de game folder and one in ℅appdata%/roaming.
    Last time my saves where somewhat corrupted so I removed the ones from the game folder and started new saves.
    This time I checked my saves and the corrupt ones are back.

    I think this is somehow because it took the ones from roaming and overwrote the ones in the game dir.

    So could it be possible to only have the game save in one location instead of two to prevent save mismatches?

    Will the chapters me merged into one game?

    I would love to see some D F and Rachel action
    D F Elena Jenniffer Georiga action
    And F and elena with a strapon dping D

    Love the game, keep it up.


    1. The main reason why the Chapters were separated is because the file size was Ch1 was becoming quite large (more than 5GB), so the overall size for all three chapters thus far would be up near 15GB.

      However, we might make available a compressed version that contains all four chapters (once DMD has been completed). But again, it all depends on how big in size that ends up being.


  4. Will the next update in September move the overall story forward or will it just be more naughty scenes?
    Could you add more swinging scene’s too with that other F/D couple?
    Great game can’t wait for Saturday

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    1. Without giving too much away, the last update of Ch3 and the first update of Ch4, we’re hoping, will move the story forward quite a bit.
      The main focus for these next few updates will be the various paths and combinations.


  5. Please add some BGMs when doing the revision. No need so many nor so delicate as those in Melody or Sunshine Love. But some BGMs will definitely perfect game play feeling

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    1. We’ll do what we can.
      BGM is a huge priority for us (as you would’ve noticed with Melody and SL).
      But adding audio and Sound FX I find is one of the hardest jobs, and certainly, one of the most time-consuming.

      There will definitely be music added in because we know that DMD would be even better with audio included.

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  6. I hope this game have a long story yet. There’s so many stories, fetishes, e a long life for D and F enjoy, as she is just a teenager.

    Hope that In the next updates D could enjoy a DP with F and Martin, or with another character.

    Thanks for the game Lord Dots!!

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    1. It’s been a long and satisfying journey for us in creating this game (nearly 4 years now).
      And in our opinion, the best is still yet to come!


  7. Can wait for some sharing 😀
    It will be nice if we will see a bukkake session whit F., Martin and his two brothers !!

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    1. There is a secret screen on this page. If you tape on in your browser to find key words like >Next DMD Update.. I m pretty sure you will get your answer 🙂 !


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