Surfer Girl

Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone!

For our next preview for the next update of Sunshine Love, our featured character this week is the shy, but confident-in-the-surf teenager known as “Shortcake”.

In this next part of the story, you’ll get the chance to learn exactly why she loves surfing so much. And she may even teach you a thing or two out when you’re out there among those gnarly waves!

Do you think you can keep up with the tube riding ginger teen? Is surfing something that you might want to become really good at during your summer stay in Sunshine Bay?

Enjoy the weekend everyone, we’ll be back with some more preview pics for you next week!

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5 thoughts on “Surfer Girl

  1. can i ask if there will be any way to keep your progress from version 0.0.2? or will i must play the entire game again?


    1. Hey Sleepy, you shouldn’t have to continue from the start each time a new release is out.

      Make sure to make some saves from version 2 before you upload the next version.
      So when that day comes, upload version 3, open it, and then make sure all your saves are in the save slots under “Load” in the main menu.
      If they are, you can replace Version 2 with 3 (or just delete v2).
      Hope that makes sense.


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