DMD v.29 is Here!

A very good morning/evening to you all!

So after having about three weeks to try and fix and cram as much content as possible into the third chapter of DMD, we finally present to you Version 29 – also known as the “Revision Update” for Chapter 3.

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Ideally, we would’ve liked more time to work on adding more content to this chapter, but at the same time, we wanted to get one last update out to you all just before Christmas (and to give you an entire chapter to play through again during the holidays!) 😉

2020 is Almost Over

This has been a very testing year for everybody, but despite what has happened in the world, we’re almost done with 2020, which is sure to be a relief to most.

Before this year began and Covid turned everyone’s lives upside down, my team and I were very optimistic about how things would go for us.

We’d just completed our first game, Melody, around this time last year, and we had already begun creating and discussing the first ideas for Sunshine Love in early-January.

HearszAM and I were meant to take January off but I asked him if he could work through until May/June of this year so we could get a head-start on Sunshine Love, and that we would take our break during the midyear instead.
Much like myself, he put these games ahead of taking time for himself and we believe that the extra time that we spent on creating Sunshine Love was worth it in the end.

We now have more supporters (across both platforms) than we’ve ever had, and we put that down to making some sacrifices for the good of our games.

When Covid really kicked in around April, HearszAM and I figured that there was no point in taking time off because neither of us could travel anywhere.

Instead, we mutually agreed to work right through until the end of this year, despite how tired and stressed out we have been these past twelve months.

To say that it will be a relief to have a few weeks off is a huge understatement, especially because it will be our first proper break in nearly two years.

This is just a bit of insight for you all so you can get an idea of just how hard we do work. We enjoy what we do but at times it can be really challenging, and our mental strength is tested a lot more than we wish it was (haha). But we persevere.

About DMD v.29
Anyway, today is all about Version 29 of DMD. Here are some of the things we have managed to work on over the past three weeks…

Things we’ve changed:

  • Changed some lines to the Chapter 3 endings montage screens.
  • Several renders fixed/replaced.
  • Replaced Ruby with Cindy during the orgy scene at the competition after-party. We’ve also added a scene where Ruby decides to leave the party in disgust, which is more in line with what her character is like.
  • Fixed any plot holes, bugs, continuity errors listed by fans.
  • Updated and fixed any errors on the Chapter 3 Walkthrough.
    Things we’ve added:
  • Discussion between F, D and Georgina about her moving in with them.
  • A sex scene with F, Dee and Jennifer on Day 42 (plus animations)
  • A sex scene with F, Dee and Georgina on Day 42 (plus animations)
  • A sex scene with F, Dee and Ryan on Day 42 (plus animations)
  • A sex scene with F, Dee and Martin on Day 42 (plus animations)
  • Added Martin to the Chapter 3 endings montage screens, and changed some lines for the Georgina and Jennifer screens.
  • Music and sound effects added to every day in Chapter 3 (Chapter’s 1 and 2 will have sound FX added in very soon!)
    Additions to the Settings Menu:
  • For those with the walkthrough, there is now an option to enable an “In-Game Walkthrough” in the menu. You can enable it in the Settings menu.
    When choices come up onto the screen there will be details (shown in yellow) to let you know what the best choices are to make for extra love points, bonus scenes, or scenes with other characters.
  • We’ve also added an option to enable or disable animations in the game. You can get access to this feature in the Settings menu.

Thanks to anyone who sent me or any of my team any errors that you found in the game.
With not much of a break in between working on both VN’s, we sometimes don’t have the time to go back and fix certain problems which is why this revision month is in place (to give us a chance to do that).
We want our games to be as perfect as we can possibly make them, and that doesn’t happen without your help.
So again, we thank you 😀

Animated scenes:
Day 42:
Georgina+Dee+F sex scene:

  • D and Georgina dual fingering scene
  • D blowjob in shower scene
  • Georgina blowjob in shower scene
  • F doggy shower sex with Georgina (full shot)
  • F doggy shower sex with Georgina (close-up penetration)
  • F doggy shower sex with D (close-up penetration)

Jennifer+Dee+F sex scene:

  • F missionary sex with Jennifer (full shot)
  • F missionary sex with Jennifer (close-up penetration)
  • F doggy sex with Jennifer (full shot)
  • F doggy sex with Jennifer (close-up)
  • F doggy sex with Dee (full shot)
  • F doggy sex with Dee(close-up)
  • D handjob with Jennifer

Ryan+Dee+F sex scene:

  • Dee blowjob scene (Ryan and Dee)
  • Ryan spoon sex with Dee and blowjob for F (with Ryan and F together)
  • Ryan spoon sex with Dee (close-up penetration)
  • Dee blowjob for F (close-up oral)
  • F spoon sex with Dee and blowjob for Ryan (with F and Ryan together)
  • F spoon sex with Dee (close-up penetration)
  • Dee blowjob for Ryan (close-up oral) x 2
  • D cowgirl sex with F and blowjob for Ryan (with F and Ryan together)
  • D cowgirl sex with F (close-up penetration)

Martin+Dee+F sex scene:

  • 69er scene (Martin and Dee)
  • 69er scene (Dee close-up oral)
  • 69er scene (Martin close-up oral)
  • Martin missionary sex with Dee (full shot)
  • Martin missionary sex with Dee (close-up penetration)
  • Dee blowjob scene (Martin and Dee)
  • Dee blowjob for Martin and sex scene with F (with Martin and F together)
  • Dee sex scene with F (close-up penetration)

Final Words

DMD – Version 0.29 is all yours to download and play!
To every single person who has previously or is currently pledging to us, thank you so much for your support. We make these games for you as much as we do for ourselves.

For those of you who are following or interested in our third visual novel Sunshine Love, we will continue working on the next update of the game (Version 5) in late-January, which we’re hoping to release by the end of February. We will post up an official release date as soon as we know what date is possible for us to release it.

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IMPORTANT: If you do decide to join, please make sure to read the rules in the “info-and-rules” section before you commence posting in other channels.

Three members of my team (HearszAM, Jeff Steel, and NabegoPewu) are on this channel as well, so the Discord is another way you can reach me through them.

We won’t allow anyone to stop what we’re trying to achieve, which is to continually create high-quality content for our games, and any visual novels that we intend to produce in the future.

As always you can leave your thoughts, feedback, errors/bugs found and any constructive criticism on today’s update in the comments section below.

We always strive to do our best and to give our fans a satisfying hour (or so) of entertainment with each release for all of our games.

Thank you for your continued support but more importantly, have a safe Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone.
Look after yourselves, and we’ll see you in 2021!!

All the best,
MrDots and the team