DMD v0.31 – Slippery When Wet

Good morning/after/evening to all of our supporters!

We’re two weeks into our production of DMD v31, and we’ve made great progress so far.

For the first release of Chapter 4, we wanted to focus on D and F and how things have been going in their lives, starting several weeks after the modelling competition ended.

For this new release, our two lead characters will still be the main focus, but their relationships with some of the other female characters will also be a focal point during certain stages in not only v31 but also in every update between now and the end of the story.

Much like with Sunshine Love and its characters, we want to give a fair balance and screen time for Elena, Georgina, Jennifer, Cassandra, etc.

As you will see from today’s preview, Elena will be just one of a few side characters that will share some of the spotlight during the next release.

Elena has been a kind of mentor to your daughter, and if you’re on her path during this final chapter of the game,

then you’ll get to see what else she is capable of teaching D, which can also hugely benefit you!

Find out what happens in this and other new scenes, when DMD v31 will be released on Saturday, June 12th!

There will be another new preview pic posted up next week.

Have a great day everyone, and thank you very much for your ongoing support! 


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