DMD v.31 – Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

Good morning/after/evening to all of our supporters!

Two weeks to go and we’ve just about got our story complete for v31, with further rendering, coding and animations still to be added in.

With F and D starting their own modelling business from home, a part of your journey back into the modelling world is to get your daughter’s name and face out there. And what’s one way to do that?

By taking some photos of your stunning little girl and putting them up online for the people to decide if she’s worth knowing more about!

Losing the modelling competition was naturally a huge disappointment for you both, however, her career in the industry is not quite dead and buried. Not by a long shot!

For today’s v31 preview, we find your daughter posing in some outfits that you may recognise from previous parts of the story.

But what is the purpose of taking photos of her in these various pieces of clothing you might ask?

And more importantly, after the way things ended during the last update, will Cassandra still want to work with you, or has she left you and your daughter to fend for yourselves in the cutthroat world of modelling?

Find out the answer to this question and several others when DMD v31 is released on Saturday, June 12th!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone, and thank you very much for your ongoing support! 


Full-size image here