DMD v0.31 Is Here!

A very good morning/afternoon/evening to you all!

DMD v.0.31 is ready for you to download and play!

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First off, we want to thank you all for your patience and understanding while we have taken an extra couple of extra weeks working on this update.

It’s allowed us to work on a number of the character paths, to set up future scenes with certain characters, and to tell the story we want without feeling rushed or put under any unwanted pressure.

Obviously, we’d love to be able to put out an update of each game every four weeks for you all, but because both of our games are at important stages of their respective stories, we felt that the smart thing to do would be to take the extra time and care to get these updates as perfect as we can make them.

Hopefully, with this release, you’ll see how much we’ve benefitted from having an extra fortnight to work on DMD than the previous release.

About this update

After my team and I played the beta versions of this release and we went over the content numerous times, we’re pretty satisfied that we’ve covered quite a lot, given screen time for all the main characters, and above all else, progressed the love story between F and D.

This update also contains scenes for Elena, Georgina, Cassandra, and Jennifer!

Elena has now settled into college life in Seaside but despite her busy schedule with studying, she wants to focus on spending some quality time with you and your daughter.

You’ll get to see some of that in this update.

Georgina is now working full-time and living with you and Dee, but what about the future? What about marriage and maybe adding “more” to your sweet little threesome?

How could you possibly make this work with both of them?

And what about Cassandra? After the way the last update ended, will she keep your special relationship with your daughter a secret?

Will Cassandra want to continue working with you both? If you’re on her path, how will this change Cassandra’s feelings towards you and D?

As mentioned above, Jennifer will feature, however, the scene in which she features is building up to what happens when you see her in the next update (an evening scene in v32).

We have a small scene with Martin (he’ll feature more towards the end of the story), and we’ve also included a character that will be very familiar to you all in a scene that happens later in this update. You won’t want to miss that scene!

For those of you who are on multiple paths, we are slowly starting to mesh them together from this update onwards.

So if you have been wondering what it would be like to have a relationship with not one, but two other women at the same time while you are dating your daughter, you’ll soon find out how we will make these combinations work! 😉

At the end of Chapter 3 and also the start of this final chapter, we saw D and F waiting to find out if they were pregnant.

As we know now, they aren’t, but we have been leaving clues in the story and also the walkthrough that getting D pregnant will be something you will be able to do for real! Keep your eyes peeled for further clues and options on the screen that can determine whether you decide you want to have a baby with her or not.

Changes we’ve made

In the settings menu, we have added the option to change the style of writing on your screen. It’s something we offered as an option for Melody and Sunshine Love, but not for DMD until now.

You can now also add a description to your saves. Because we started a new chapter, it wasn’t a default option in the game settings so we’ve had to create it for you.

Final Words

DMD – Version 0.31 is all yours to download and play!

To every single person who has previously or is currently pledging to us, thank you so much for your support. We make these games for you as much as we do for ourselves.

For those of you who are following or interested in our third visual novel Sunshine Love, work has already begun on the next update of the game (Version 7).

We will post up an official release date in the next week or two.

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Three members of my team (HearszAM, Jeff Steel, and NabegoPewu) are on this channel as well, so the Discord is another way you can reach me through them.

We won’t allow anyone to stop what we’re trying to achieve, which is to continually create high-quality content for our games, and any visual novels that we intend to produce in the future.

As always you can leave your thoughts, feedback, errors/bugs found and any constructive criticism on today’s update in the comments section below.

We always strive to do our best and to give our fans a satisfying hour (or so) of entertainment with each release for all of our games.

Thank you for your continued support but more importantly, please look after yourselves and the people closest to you.

All the best, have a great day,

MrDots and the team.