Takin’ Care Of Business

Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone!

We’re two weeks away from dropping the much-anticipated (your thoughts, not ours – haha) latest update of Sunshine Love – Version 7!
But before we get to that, today we are unveiling our fourth preview from the next update.

As you can see from today’s preview, at some point in v7 you will visit Trisha at the office where she works very closely
with the mayor of Sunshine Bay.

What is the purpose of your visit? What will the two of you discuss? And why is she dressed like that!? 😉
And if you’re on the Trisha path, what if she wants to cash in the favour that you owe her after she got you out of jail in the previous update?

As you can tell from all of the preview pics that we have posted so far for v7, this will be a very big update for the game.
There will be plenty of paths to follow, to continue on or to drop off completely.

The questions you could be asking yourself right now may include:
How many girls do I want to date, who do I want to just be friends with and who can I seriously see myself being with once the summer ends?

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you mark down Saturday, July 24th in your calendar when v7 is officially released! 😀

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support, we’ll have another preview for you next weekend!

Have a great day,

Full image link: https://ibb.co/Smr0r3v