Close To You

Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone!

Work is well and truly underway for our next version of Sunshine Love – Version 8!

For this very first preview, we can see you and your childhood friend in a loving embrace the next morning after you both shared a very intimate time in bed the night before.

But what if you didn’t come home to her the night before, and you ended staying at a certain somebody’s cabin in the woods instead?

What kind of excuse will you come up with for standing her up for dinner?

How are you going to explain your whereabouts for all that time?

Find out everything you need to know about the current status of your relationship with your childhood friend (and some of the other characters) when v8 is officially released on Saturday, October 16th! 😉

*The release date could change in the future – decision pending.

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support, we’ll have another preview for you next weekend!

Have a great day,