MrDotsGames Celebrates 5 Years!

Hey everyone!

Today we celebrate five years since the very first update of Dating My Daughter was released, thus meaning that MrDotsGames had officially begun!

In no way would I have thought at the time that I’d still be doing this job after I posted up that very first update in late-September of 2016, nor did I think I would have created two more visual novels in the form of “Melody” and “Sunshine Love”.

It’s been an incredible journey, but also exciting, frustrating, inspiring, stressful, but overall a great learning experience.

My small team and I have had conversations and discussions with some wonderful fans over the years and I’ve been told a few times that other developers were inspired to make their own visual novel due to DMD being one of the first VN’s that they ever played.

It still warms my heart to read messages like that.

You all have played your part in making MrDotsGames the success it has become, and I cannot thank you enough for that. But I couldn’t have done it on my own.

HearszAM has been my main writer since very early on and he answered a post that I put up on my Patreon wall in early 2017 when I needed a writer to help me out with with creating and discussing scene ideas.

We have a great working relationship, but we don’t just talk about the games, we cover a lot of different topics (travelling, football, films and TV).

Both of us have said a number of times during these past five years, just how incredible it is that we could work together without having any real issues, despite never having met in person before.

It helps that we have a similar goal, similar values and we both have a similar sense of humour.
These kinds of things are pretty important when you decide that you want to work with other people on a project.

To Jeff Steel, our ideas guy.

It still amazes me and HearszAM just how incredibly selfless you are with your time, despite your busy lifestyle.

You’re someone that keeps us going, who inspires and suggests so many ideas, a lot of those we wouldn’t even dream of coming up with.

Your overall knowledge when it comes to creating scene ideas is second to none, and all three games we’ve made wouldn’t be what they are without your guidance, suggestions and support.
Thanks for always making yourself available.

There are a heap of other people that we’d like to thank and if we forget anyone we apologise. But we’ll give it a crack anyway.

Hyperserver / Azure / Todash / Pinnie/ Dasati / Stylebender / Reboot / Arken –

To all of you, and any of the Unofficial Fan Discord Moderator’s we’ve had for the past few years.

We know you have a tough job, and we know it’s sometimes a thankless job.

We’re well aware that it can be frustrating at times and you have to deal with some “not-so-nice” people, but we also know that you do this job for us because you genuinely love the games, and you want them to be a success, just as much as we do.

You’re all an important component for why MrDotsGames has been an ongoing success during these past five years.

Thanks everyone!

Gaetano –

You were a huge asset to us in the early days of DMD, and mapped out one of my favourite ever scenes in Chapter 1 – the Cupid Night date that happens on Day 8.

If you happen to read this, we all hope you’re doing well and have achieved everything you hoped to accomplish.

Roschar Bear – A long-time supporter who was responsible for writing quite a few of the Elena and Jennifer-related scenes, especially the very early ones.

Stargazer – Another long-time supporter who has shared plenty of scene ideas with us, some that we have used, some that have been pretty “out there”! 😉 

TriangleGM –

To the guy that started the Unofficial discord. Without you creating these fan channels, then things could have been very different.

My team and I have learned a lot about what our supporters like or don’t like about our games or updates, and we’ve been able to run polls and fix numerous errors and bugs due to this discord.

We know you left the discord in the hands of others a while back, but we still want to thank you again for this important stage in the timeline of MrDotsGames.

Pat / N2TheFire/ Kentyrr / Mave Cosmic / ShadowDemonLord / Rusty / Lines  –

Thank you for the wonderful art that you have created, contributed or posted up on the discord.

Some of you have gone on to start up your own Patreon accounts and even produce your very own VN’s, which has enabled you to make a decent income each month. We couldn’t be more pleased about this and we wish you continued success.

Other people to thank:

Dolphin3000 –

Thanks for all the scene ideas and suggestions you’ve sent us in the past few years.
It certainly gave us some options that we hadn’t explored before, mainly for DMD.

Mistress Elemental –

We’ve only been in contact for a couple of months, but we’re grateful for all the errors and plot holes that you’ve found for us, and for helping us to improve the quality of the music and sound effects especially.

And you already look like you’re on your way to creating some quality designs and art of your own 😉

NabegoPewu –

Another supporter who had kindly offered to help us with the coding and renpy side of things.
HearszAM and I have definitely benefitted from your way of doing things, which has made updates and fixes a lot simpler for us, especially in these key areas.

You, the supporters –

We’ve always maintained that without a loyal fanbase, then everything we’ve achieved in the past five years would not have happened.
We make these games for you all as much as we do for ourselves, and we hope to continue doing this for a very long time.

We currently have more than 6,000 subscribers across our two platforms – Patreon and Subscribestar – and our numbers continue to rise.

Thanks to anyone who has supported us at any time since I released the very first version of DMD.

And for those who have supported me from the very start, a HUGE thank you from me to you.
As a special thank you to each and every one of you, I have created a DMD Wallpaper to celebrate five years of MrDotsGames.

That’s it from me, enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll be touch with all again, very soon.

Here’s to another five years!


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