Love is a Battlefield

Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone!

How are we all? Did everyone have a great Christmas and New Year?
We sure hope so!

We’ve been back to work for about a week now and the team has already made plenty of progress for the next instalment for Sunshine Love, which will be the first release for Chapter 2.

As we’ve mentioned in more recent updates of SL, we want to try and give a fair balance of screen time to all the girls in our big cast of characters.

So some of the girls that may not have been in the last release are a very good chance of featuring in this new update.

For this very first preview, the gorgeous Yuki has invited you to what looks like a dojo somewhere in town.

Are you in for a harsh lesson from the pint-sized Asian beauty, or will this unique time with Yuki turn into something more special?

At the moment, we can’t confirm the official release date just yet, as we want to make sure that it will be ready to go with no delays required. However, more than likely we will be able to confirm the official release date along with next weekend’s preview post.

So stay tuned for that.

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support going into this brand-new year.

We will do our utmost to make it the best year ever and to always try to raise the standards and quality of our games.

As always, we want to present a new update for both of our games every 4-6 weeks without any excuses or delays.

You guys (and girls) pay your hard-earned money to help fund us so we can create these games, and it’s only right that you get a game update from us in return, and as often as possible.

We’ll have another preview for you next weekend.

Have a great day,

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