Knight on the Town

Good morning/after/evening to all of our supporters!

We’ve made really good progress with the next update and we’re pretty much right on schedule as things stand.

As you can see from today’s preview, it’s specifically for those who are on the Martin path.
But don’t worry, there are plenty of alternate scenes for anyone who is NOT on that path.

So to reiterate, when the next update is released and you start playing it, if you do not wish to see these new scenes with Martin, then it’s very simple. Don’t be on the Martin path. We can’t make it any clearer than that.

V34 will also be Martin’s final involvement in the story part of DMD. However, there are plans in place for him to feature in an alternate scene gallery that will be created after the story of DMD has concluded (it will be similar to the extra bonus scene we created for Melody.)

Other characters such as Elena, Jennifer, Georgina (and more) will also feature in this gallery.

After v34 is released, the remaining updates that we put out will be focused on the other paths that include mainly the female side characters, some of the girls will feature in this forthcoming update. We know some girls haven’t got enough content so far, so the goal is to focus on that now.

Naturally, there will also be plenty of content for those strictly on the D/F path. 

We’ll also be looking to close paths that feature other female characters, one by one, as we draw closer to the final ever release for DMD. 

For that last update, we will primarily focus on Dee and F, the kind of professional career that she will have, what will happen when she finds out that she’s pregnant (if you are on that path), and how or if you and your daughter will get a “happily ever after” ending…

For those who missed our post last week, Version 34 will be available to download and play on Saturday, April 16th. 

But please note that this date is subject to change. 

We will have another new preview pic posted up next weekend.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone, and thank you very much for your ongoing support!