DMD v0.34.1

A very good day to you all! 

Over the past few week I’ve fixed a number of issues and bugs in the the last update that you’ve made me and my team aware of, and I’ve re-uploaded the download links.

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Things we’ve fixed in this update:

– Grammar errors 

– Fixed the error screen issue from Day 47. The coding for the Cassandra character was wrong initially. That has been fixed now. 

– On Day 49, we added a scene for those of you who have the Pregnancy path set to YES, however, it was coming up if you were also on the Martin path which it shouldn’t have. That has also been fixed now. 

– There has been some discussion about Jazmin’s exact age in DMD. 

To clarify, she’s approximately 20/21yo, and in Sunshine Love, which is set three years after DMD, she is 24 years of age. 

That’s it for now guys. We’ll focus on our next update for Sunshine Love now, which we’ll have the first new preview pic posted up sometime next weekend. So stay tuned for that one!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody.