Which one is your favourite VN?

Hey eveyone!

We’ve run this poll on our Patreon/Subscribe Star pages, and also on our Discord channel. So we thought we should also run it with the public audience to see what the results are.

With DMD soon to be wrapped up and finished, the team already has one eye on starting plans for our fourth game, which we will begin working on once Sunshine Love is completed. 

In the future we’ll ask more detailed questions, and find out what it is about our current games that you like/love, whether it be the storylines, the concept, the characters, the taboo aspect (or maybe something else?) 

But to kick things off, today we are asking a very simple poll question that we would like you to answer, so we can get more of an idea of which game most people have preferred so far.

NOTE: Whatever game has the most votes doesn’t guarantee that the fourth game will be similar or have the same kind of storyline. It’s just general feedback for us and also a bit of fun.

Of our three games to date so far, which one is your favourite? 

1 – Dating My Daughter

2 – Melody 

3 – Sunshine Love 

You can choose all three but if you happen to like one more than the other two, then just select the number below for that specific game. 

You can vote here: https://take.quiz-maker.com/QQU1QWA5F

I’ll try and post up a different question soon.

Have a great day! 🙂