Come Together

Hello to all our supporters and the many fans that have been following my work over the past 5 or so years.

We have a little under two weeks to go until the next update of “Dating My Daughter” is released, and as most of you know already, our long-running VN will be coming to its conclusion very soon.

But for now, we have some more sneak-peek previews from Version 35!

If you’ve been seeing a couple of other girls aside from your daughter, then today’s previews will give you an idea of at least one of the combinations that will take place during this next release.

For those on the Georgina and the Elena path, you and your daughter have been seeing both of these girls at the same time.

Georgina is now aware of this, but Elena still has no idea.

How will she react when she finds out that you and D are not just in a sexual relationship with Georgina, but the three of you also live together?

It’s fair to say just by looking at this weekend’s previews that Elena takes the news pretty well 😉

But what about the future? Being in a sexual or even a serious relationship with two girls is difficult enough, but what about three girls?

Can you make it work?

All will be revealed very soon!

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As always, we will have another new preview pic posted up next weekend.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone, and thank you very much for your ongoing support!