DMD CH4 v0.35 is Out!

A very good morning/afternoon/evening to you all! 

So here we are with another brand-new update of our long-running debut VN, “Dating My Daughter” (Version 35)!


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By the time you finish playing this release, it should give you a fair idea of how close we are to finishing some of the extra paths and also bringing an end to the story between you and your daughter. 

It’s nice that we have some fans who have let us know that they don’t want it to end or that they want it to go on forever, but the reality is, it can’t, mainly because we have ambitions to make many more games in the future. 

That won’t happen if we continue making two games at a time and it will also slow down our progression as a developing team.

About this update

At the end of the last update, you and your daughter (and the other girls you may have been seeing) were getting prepared for a huge event that was taking place in Sunshine Bay that night. 

Megastar and singer-songwriter “Koko” has invited you to a private function in town, and to also announce which two girls will be given a couple of important roles in the future, jobs that will pretty much set them up for life. 

Will your daughter be one of them, or will she suffer disappointment and heartbreak just like she did at the modelling competition a few months earlier? 

And that’s only some of the drama that will take place in this all-important release. 

We also know that your ex-wife, Rachel, has befriended your daughter’s rival, Tyra, and both of them also have their own agendas and maybe even some scores to settle.

And what about the secret phone call your daughter made to someone during the last update? 

Who did she call? 

You’ll find out what unfolds once you start playing the new update! 

We have covered quite a number of pathways and combinations in this new release, and they are as follows: 

– D and F 

– D, Elena and F

– D, Jennifer and F

– D, Georgina and F

– D, Elena, Jennifer and F

– D, Elena, Georgina and F

So as you can see, we’ve been pretty busy with creating these alternate scenes and various paths to accommodate your favourite combinations. 

One thing to note is that we intend to extend some of the scenes on these various paths, but that will happen during our revision of Chapter 4. 

*NOTE: We’ve made some dialogue changes to the Martin/F sharing path on Day 48 and the morning scene during Day 49. 

Final Words

DMD – Version 0.35 is all yours to download and play! 

To every single person who has previously or is currently pledging to us, thank you so much for your support. We make these games for you as much as we do for ourselves.

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We won’t allow anyone to stop what we’re trying to achieve, which is to continually create high-quality content for our games, and any visual novels that we intend to produce in the future. 

As always you can leave your thoughts, feedback, errors/bugs found and any constructive criticism on today’s update in the comments section below. 

We always strive to do our best and to give our fans a satisfying hour (or so) of entertainment with each release for all of our games.

Thank you everyone for your continued support but more importantly, please look after yourselves and the people closest to you.

Enjoy the weekend, and we will be in touch with you all again very soon!

MrDots and the team.