Red Red Wine

Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone!

We’re back with some brand-new preview images from the forthcoming release of our next update for Sunshine Love!

During the next update, you will be invited over to Trisha’s house to discuss the possibility of the local mayor attending
the hotels’ next major event.
But why does she want you to meet her there? Why not at the office?
As you can see from today’s previews, and if you are on the Trisha path, then she has an ulterior motive for inviting you there!
But be sure to make the right choices when they come up during this scene 😉

Find out how this storyline unfolds (as well as other girls’ paths) during our very next update.
The next update will be released on Saturday, October 29th!

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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