Sunshine Love Update – Slight Delay

Good morning/evening everyone.

Due to some late changes and several bugs that we have found during testing this week, unfortunately, we’re going to need to delay the update by 24 hours.

The extra day should be enough time for us to get everything the way we want it to be and it will also save us from having to fix a lot more errors after the update is out.

So the new release date will now be on Sunday (Monday morning for those of you in the South Pacific, Australia, NZ, and Eastern parts of Asia).

We’ll post up a countdown clock on Sunday so you’ll know exactly when Sunshine Love – Chapter 2 (v4) will be officially released.

To somewhat make up for the delay, we have included another preview from this new update featuring the gorgeous-MILF, Ashley!

We appreciate your understanding during this time, and really hope that you are all safe, and looking after yourselves.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, we’ll be in touch.