Can’t Stop The Feeling!

Hello again to all of our wonderful supporters.

For this weekend’s preview, we’re sharing a sneak-peak of your Childhood Friend and Victoria’s “Girl’s Night Out”.

For those of you who have played the last update and have found all the new Donut Gallery images, you will notice that we teased some possible girl duo combinations.

We’ve had some fans ask us about that and if they will eventuate in the story part of the game and our answer is very simple: You’ll have to wait and see! 😉

With Victoria leaving town soon to take her food truck out on the road, this will be one of the last night’s that she will get to have with your Childhood Friend to get down and party!

These two have been very good friends since they went to college together, but just how close are your Childhood Friend and Victoria, really?

And if you’ve been dating the two of them, will Victoria mention your little secret to your Childhood Friend after she saw you in bed together?

Will the shit hit the fan on your relationship with these gorgeous love interests when you are so close to leaving town?

Or will you be able to finally come clean with both of them before it’s too late?

Release date for the next update:

Find out when the next instalment of Sunshine Love is released on Saturday, April 29th!

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support so far, it really does mean the world to us.

Have a great day, and we’ll be in touch again next weekend,


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