Important News #2

April Fools Everyone!!!

Apologies for the earlier post. For anyone who knows us, we sometimes like to have a little fun and of course, we have no plans to take time off any time soon (besides, we just had all of January off!)

We’re not the kind of developers to take ourselves too seriously and like to have a good laugh as much as anybody else 🙂

There are no signs of burnout or exhaustion from any of our team. It’s been pretty smooth sailing

so far with creating the next update for Sunshine Love, which will still be released as planned on Saturday, April 29th.

To say thanks and to show our appreciation to all of you for being such good sports, I’ve included some “April Fools” renders just for you, our amazing supporters!

Download here:

Will have a new SL preview for you all on Sunday.

Have a great weekend,