Endless Summer Nights

Happy Easter to all of our terrific supporters!

For this weekend’s preview, we can see you and Connie going for a late-night stroll on the beach.

So things look as if they’re good again between you and the Boss’s daughter, but are you playing with fire by being with her?
Could it be a mistake to continue your relationship with the inexperienced, rebellious teen?
And could Connie be the reason why Mayor Tylton wins or loses the upcoming election?

Find out what unfolds between you and Connie (and various other girls) when the next instalment of Sunshine Love is released on Saturday, April 29th!

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support so far, and we hope you had an enjoyable Easter weekend with friends and family.

Have a great day, and we’ll have another preview again for you all next weekend.

Full-size image: https://ibb.co/NrhBLZN