Sunshine Love – Chapter 2 v0.6.1

Good morning/evening to all of my loyal supporters.

The team and I wanted to post up an updated version of Sunshine Love – Chapter 2: Version 6, as we’ve made quite a number of changes since it was released last weekend.

Code fixes:

-= Trisha’s Sex Scene, Week 10 =-

1. Added the missing option to enter your BDSM name when selecting the Soft path of Trisha’s sex scene in Week 10.

2. Minor adjustments to certain lines during the Trisha sex scene.

3. Added some additional sound effects to the feather and wax scene with Trisha foreplay scene.

4. Made the BDSM name change option in the tablet conditional to only appear from Week 10+.

5. Fixed issues with the Trisha scene if no animations are present/enabled.

-= Other Fixes =-

1. Fix issue with the Twins sex scene not stopping at the end of the scene from the replay gallery.

2. Wrong variable name was being set with the Himari and Connie sex scenes for Week 10 in the replay gallery.

Story fixes:

There were a couple of major scenes in the last update that required significant edits, namely the scene with the Twins and also the scenes for the Vicky + Friend path.

We understand that Version 6 wasn’t to everyone’s liking, and the high standards that we set ourselves may not have been met.

My chief writer, HearszAM, wasn’t happy with how the Twins and Victoria were portrayed and as a team we have spent this week trying to rectify that.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for all of us with trying to continue with our six-week schedule, where we have a new update for you all, because that’s what we believe you as paying supporters deserve.

However, working on a continually strict schedule can sometimes bring about problems that may not be obvious until after an update is put out, or until a fan points them out to us 😉

We’re not perfect, but even after six and a half years of creating these visual novels, we’re still striving to be.

Each day that we work on our games is always a learning process, and mistakes or errors in judgment are always going to happen.

The most fortunate thing about creating visual novels is that we can change or fix things we or you are not happy with, at any given time.

Something we are also looking to do is create as many individual endings for the girls as possible.

It’s only when you get this far into making a game that you realise how loved some characters are, and which ones are not so much.

Not every girl will have their own ending, but we’ll include as many as possible, especially if it makes sense to do so.

And lastly, we’d like to thank everyone who gave us some invaluable feedback on the last update, especially those on the Discord fan server.

We’re only a small team and we can do with all the help we can get!

Main changes that we have made

As mentioned above, we have made some script changes to the Twins scene and also the Vicky and Friend scene.

With regards to the twins’ scene, we’re well aware that the direction we took for Ivy and Lily was not to everyone’s liking, but at the same time, we didn’t want every character to be angels or to have similar interests or backstories.

However, we’re now aware why some were upset and fans rightfully pointed out that the twins lacked likeable qualities that most of the other love interests in the story contained.

So with that in mind, we have made significant changes to their backstory, how they came into their “special line of work”, and during the next update (Week 11), you will discover that Ivy and Lily do have some redeemable qualities after all.

Just like real humans, not all of our characters can be 100% perfect, and sometimes showing their imperfections can be just as important as displaying all the characteristics and assets that make us like or even fall in love with them.

For the Vicky and Sis scene, HearszAM, who wrote that scene was angry at himself for portraying Victoria (his favourite character) in such a bad light.

That was never his intention, and much like with adjustments made to the twin’s scenes, he has made some great edits to the scenes with your Friend that better represents why Vicky was such an engaging character from the very first update of the game.

We have also added an option (during the scene back at Vicky’s home) where your Friend can reject her advances, and that will lead to some redemption for Victoria which will also be seen during Week 11 (for this choice).

Changes to the Game Walkthrough

As mentioned above, we have added an option where you can “Accept” or “Reject” Victoria’s advances when she is sitting on her sofa with “Friend” in her home.

Choosing to “Reject” her advances will eventually close the Vicky path, but not until later in Week 11.

If you “Accept” her advances, the “Girl on Girl” scene will still happen, and there will also be another special scene which will also take place during Week 11.

Originally, if you were on both girls’ paths you would get +10 points for each.

However, that was incorrect. You are meant to lose -10 Friend points instead of gaining +10 points.

That has been fixed now.

Thanks to “The Hunter” for letting us know about that error and a couple of other ones. 🙂

Last Words

We would love to hear your feedback on what you think of the changes and if you find any further issues or problems with your saves or any other error we may have missed, then please list them in the comments section or post them in the #bug-reports-sl channel on our Unofficial Fan Discord.

This will give us a chance to make (any) further corrections before the next update is released.

All the best, stay safe, and we hope you are looking forward to the continuation of “Sunshine Love”!