24 thoughts on “DMD V0.17 Official Countdown!

  1. thank you for wonderful job. This game really make me happy. I think developers of all wonderful job needs more freedom and support. its not fucking 19th. and people deserve more happiness cause we all living in awful world. why little happy sexual fantasy is so wrong?? Isnt there much worse problem like everywhere?


    1. Is just because patreon is a compagny full of assholes ! and they don t like to see cool porn game whit a hot story ! They can t understand about something like a pussy because they are assholes forever and so they can just fuck all in their ass togther one after one after one and make a fucking cercle of gays. When an other website will come they can do this gangbang but whitout any money from the porn game industry . And i will be very happy this day !


  2. OMG that was for sure the best update so far. Not only did she give dad a blowjob but the best kind a wake-up blowjob. Now to be honest I was expecting that if something like the blowjob came up I would have thought that we would get a choose as to where the dad came. i.e. on the face like it was or on her lovely titties and last but not least have her swallow. Other then that it was a great update and I well be buying Mr.Dots some coffee that way he can continue with DMD.


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