DMD v0.14.5 and v0.16.5 Sent to Patrons!

Hi guys!

I’m posting this to let you know that I sent an email to all my patrons with the download links of DMD v0.14.5 and v0.16.5 last weekend.

If you are my patron and you didn’t receive the links, please let me know in the comments or contact me with your Patreon username and email address. I’d like to have an updated list when I release v.17 this Wednesday.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to check the spam folder or the Promotions folder if you are using Gmail.



14 thoughts on “DMD v0.14.5 and v0.16.5 Sent to Patrons!

  1. Is there any way to port over the saves from v.014 to v.014.5 so I don’t have to play through the whole of ch.01 again prior to playing v.017?


    1. Best that you don’t. We don’t want Patreon to cancel our new game before it even has a chance to be released! Plus we need the funding to keep making these games.


      1. no i dont mean i will do anything negative to close it, but many wwait for the game if they all check together this site i bet its gonna clog right up
        i dont want it to happen but im kinda sure it will
        nevertheless gl hf all 🙂
        and mrdots ❤ for the best game 17/18 🙂


  2. I did not receive the mail and I have contacted you to update you on a mail change since my original email doesn’t work anymore for some reason. If this msg sound Harch that’s not my intent. Just want to get the updates so I can play all of it in its glory 🙂


  3. i didn’t receive the games my patreon name is mathew mun, do i need to pledge more to get the special version a.t.m. my pledge is just 1 dollar it used to be 20 bucks though. thanks in advance.


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