DMD v.0.19 Official Release Date Revealed

Hello to all my loyal followers, and also my new fans.

So as promised, we are today announcing the release date for DMD v0.19.

And that day will be SUNDAY, AUGUST 26TH!

Production on the game is underway and we have just over three weeks to complete and post up the new release to you all. Naturally, there will be some preview pics from v0.19 posted up in the lead up to the games August 26th release as we did with v0.18.

If you’re not aware by now, v4 of my other game “MELODY” was released yesterday via my Patreon page.

Available now at http://patreon.com/mrdotsgames

I will be in touch again with you all real soon.

Have a great day and as always,

Thank you for your support!


P.S. Do you like D’s outfit for day 19? 😛

40 thoughts on “DMD v.0.19 Official Release Date Revealed

  1. So nice!! Looking forward to this so much! She looks super cute in her outfit. Can’t wait to go out to the countryside with her 🙂


  2. I can wait it😁 this game is awesome😁 i hope this will be a huge part, not a short one day update😁 thank you for the happy moments mr dotts and a coffe will go😁


  3. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the cliff hanger that we left them with is going to be resolved, and just how Elina deals with it lol


  4. Wow can’t wait for the next update! She looks unbelievable in those shorts!!!! You and your team are doing unbelievable work!!


  5. I cannot wait, but honestly I am still waiting for more content between Elena and my daughter. I allowed them to “have fun” (in chapter 1) but I cannot remember any advancements in that. I know it will come eventually, but I am not waiting another year for it.


  6. Since Steam content restrictions have been removed and they now allow anything there , should we expect to see DmD on Steam?

    House Party is there, as early-access. It would be nice, I guess


  7. Sweet!!! Super excited, can’t wait for the new update to release! I know the story is gonna get really interesting. (Though it is already an amazing story.) Can’t wait to see it all unfold. As always thanks for your great work and dedication to your ad


  8. The best news again. Tks a lot for this new update. The team is working hard on DMD as they told us and that makes us very happy. D looks very pretty with this new look. We are looking forward to seeing the progress between the relationship of D and F, and also Elena’s reaction. Thanks again!!! You have all my support.


  9. Hi mr dots when i try to choose options yes or no like i read the tutorial but when i play the game melody v 0.04 it say one choice reply to her so i cant even chpose to go with melody can you pls help thanks


  10. DMD is no longer connected to Patreon support due to content restrictions, you have to use buymeacoffe to support its development. The payments aren’t recurring though, so that sucks.


    1. Chloe’s vacation was pretty good. Sadly I am not sure if it will be finished though so I “pulled out”. But what the guy had was pretty good so far. Oh and Milfy City but he ran into the same issue as MR. Dots. So not sure how the rewrite of the story went. Other than that nothing really stands out. Mr.Dots is still the gold standard.


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