DMD V.19 Countryside Previews

Hi guys!

Today I’d like to share some previews of DMD v.19 with you 🙂

There are a total of 11 new previews (some are NSFW) and you can see them by clicking the link below:

I’ll be adding more previews next week, so bookmark the link and don’t forget to check my blog for more news about my games.

In case you don’t know, DMD v0.19 will be released on August 26th, 2018

You will be able to get access to it by donating a coffee here: Get the Latest Update of DMD

Thanks so much for your support,

41 thoughts on “DMD V.19 Countryside Previews

  1. TLDR = Is there an acceleration of the story / corruption due to Patreon being dicks and having to do a 3 month / day schedule?

    Is the 3 month release schedule still the target? If so, will there be an acceleration of the corruption? We just hit corruption level 9 on day 18. I count 9 more stages. We’re at half way point. So for the remaining 9, at 2 days per corruption, that’s 18 days. 1 day every 3 months. Math says, assuming the game ends at full corruption, we have about 4.5 years till the end.

    Of course, if you can find an incest-reon site (Patreon without a stick in their ass about incest), a monthly release drops it to 1.5 years.


    1. Yea but watever everytime there is a new upload. I flap a liter of my hot milk and my level of stress go down for months.


  2. There is a new preview. “Private Photoshoot” I hope there are new scene for “Exhibition, Sharing, Bdsm” 🙂


  3. I would love to see another scene like the dinner/contest one and add more kinkiness (maybe a BJ) now that D is more open to the idea. It seems to me that the last few sexy scenes are two clicks away from getting D to being completely nude, and trying to see how far she will go this time.


  4. Gaaah i feel like a kid counting the days till christmas! Can’t wait to see how the story devellops!


      1. I expect a countdown clock will be posted sometime in the Sunday morning if you live in the states with a release between 11 am and 1pm Pacific time


    1. Yeah sorry about that.
      The updates for both games for the rest of the year will all be on a Saturday.


      1. If you take MDots pattern of releases of DMD and Melody: (1) a countdown clock posted in @ 1-3 hours from now; and (2) release posted in @ 6-8 hours from now.


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