Hi Guys!

Here’s the official countdown for DMD v0.19 😀


How to get the update?

If you have donated a coffee on BMAC, you’ll be able to download it here (password required):


I’ll be updating the links when the time comes, so you don’t need to wait for an email from me.

50 thoughts on “DMD V0.19 OFFICIAL COUNTDOWN!

  1. Damn, running is too hard. I want you to download it immediately without a countdown Hahaha It is so nice countdown! I will be expecting developers!


  2. I have the receipt from buying a coffee, but there is no password in my email. Where would I find it? I cannot find a separate email from that same date or any dates near that one, and there is no discernible password in the emailed receipt.


      1. Greetings mrdots. I hope you’ll find time to reply to this. Is DMD already out? I can’t find it in any free download site. I really wanted to donate at BMAC but it’s just not accepting my card. I hope I can have the v0.19 of DMD. More power and good luck.


  3. Another excellent update with plenty of farm and small-town fun (the Back to the Future jokes are killing me). Wow, Rachel really makes a bid for wife and mother of the year, does she? We knew she was a nasty pos, but she gleefully wades more and more in irredeeamable territory. It seems there is nothing and no one she won’t screw and backstab in her quest for ever more wealth, power, and comfort. I can’t wait for the time our gang makes her plans explode in her face and she realizes her. Hope it lands her in a really bad spot. At least with all the betrayals and corruption she cultivates it should not be too difficult for our heroes to find plenty of incriminating or blackmail evidence ot neutralize her, although at the pace she goes it wouldn’t be out of character for her to send hitmen after her daughter and ex if she’s pissed off enough, so be careful. In the past I hoped she could be redeemed and join the harem but she seems too desplicable for that, no matter her hotness (you can see where D got half of her bombshell genes). One wonders how F could date her for about a decade and not truly realize how evil she was, guess she was rather good at hiding her true nature till recent events forced her to show her hand. I wonder if Brad shall turn out just as bad as she is in his own way, or just someone else she duped and exploited. Judging from asshole Frank and her bitch sister, all the family is rotten but Rachel is still able to manipulate and exploit them. We can only thank the Great Doughnut that D somehow managed to get all of her parents’ good qualities and nothing of Rachel’s nastiness.

    It is so good to see D gradually blossom into a confident young woman that really loves sex with the ones she loves and takes her first steps into a supermodel career. Her shyness was so painful to witness and so infuriating to think Rachel was the root cause of it all. Even better to see the seeds of a hot, loving threesome between F, D, and Elena being carefully sown and nurtured if you make the right decisions and the walls of deception starting to falling down between the three of them. This update and the last one were real treats if you are into the harem route and the next one promises to be great too. Elena definitely deserves happiness and a lot of hot sex with F too and she and D are so cute and sexy together. Too bad for the hopes of a really nice guy like Jason being dashed but Elena belongs in the harem, sorry. Of course he exists in the story to give Elena a chance for happiness if you don’t pursue her route but I hope he doesn’t show up much again if you play the harem route, good people suffering for unrequited love is painful to see. Which is one reason I much prefer to play the harem route even if you sometimes lose some extra scene with D and it makes F less goodey-good. I cannot stand seeing any of these nice, lovely, sexy ladies that genuinely like and have great compatibility with F getting spurned. Plus the narrative complications created by the harem add spice and complexity to the story and even more opportunities for great sex scenes.

    I cannot tell if I am more terribly impatient for F and D first intercourse scene, D and Elena’s first lesbian sex scene (that shower scene was so hot, I want more), or the trio’s first threesome sex scene but I am sure all of them shall be absolutely amazing, since there is so much good stuff, love, attraction, compatibility, passion, going between these characters. Once all the secrets are cleared up, and it can’t happen too soon, you can see all the pieces of the threesome puzzle falling into place. They just need to warm up D to the idea of sharing F with her BFF and it won’t probably take much more than the usual gradual build-up to her getting comfortable with a new kink. it is heartwarming to see D was able to rediscover her childhood passion for riding. One more cherished thing the controlling, abusive bitch stole from her has been returned.


    1. Although I love the Melody game and its characters just as much, I am so eager to see more of this story, the conclusion of this vacation(among the many things the authors of these games are so good with, they shine at writing and drawing wonderful vacations, first the Island trip and now this one), F giving Elena her overdue share of hot loving, Elena confronting him and making her bid for a threesome relationship, more Cassandra scenes, and D and F getting one step closer to being a rocking supermodel and photographer duo.


      1. Thanks for the comments, irioth. As one of the writing staff, I tend to like to think Rachel would have turned into a more decent character if MC had the kind of career that would have made her stay with him for life. Imo, he didn’t, she ultimately dumped him, went into a controlling relationship, and set up her personal walls with armed parapets – and never really looked back.

        Am hoping we can incorporate a couple more references to D’s childhood with MC before it is all said and done.


      1. You’re welcome. I guess you missed my posts above too, since they describe my reaction to the new update. To sum it up, Rachel is hot but ever more despicable, D the enthusiastic cowgirl is just too cute, Elena the loyal BFF is a sweetie, and I just can’t wait to have F, D, and Elena sharing a bed, or a shower for that matter. The last two updates and probably the next one too are treats for fans of the harem route like me, and the wall of secrecy thankfully begins to crumble.


  4. Theres no way i could donate i cant link my debit with paypal ;-; android pay wont transfer internationally and i dont have apple.
    Please accept BTC ;;;;-;;;; I have been waiting for this update eagerly. i guess you have my email shoot me an mail with your wallet details. PLEASE;-;


  5. Almost getting there, woot! Also I remember awhile back it was said D would be getting a new hairstyle this chapter? I’ve always felt out of all the girls’ hair, her ponytail gives off the look of the most stiff/static.


  6. Just wanted to ask a question before diving into BMC: Are the listed fetishes, like MMF and MFF still on the table? I really loved what I’ve played of the game so far, it just seems like the daughter is so comically against actual sex that those fetishes seem unlikely to ever happen. I wish we had more insight into her thoughts, I find it harder to understand her feelings towards the end of update 17 (where I am.) She never seems to express desire to have something inside her, even if Dad had a Gene Simmons tongue, it can’t reach everywhere she needs it to. I understand being scared, but it’d be nice if we could get more of her internal thoughts and see that it’s something she desires, even if she’s a long way from being ready for it. Because reaching a point to desire DP seems like it’ll be outside the realm of possibility otherwise.

    Are the fetish listings maybe outdated?


    1. This game was started a very long time ago .. any fetish listings are an aspiration – making a game like this is very complicated. The creator has good intentions of course, but it’s really not easy to make this game to such a high quality.


    2. Mff is obviously still alive and well in the “Elena/MC + Elena’s/D bisexual” route. Take those two choices and Elena is obviously setting up that possibility and D is not denying that possibility when Elena brings it up.

      All the other fetishes are not ruled out. Time will tell. Hope springs eternal.


    1. November is still the expected release month (again, as always, toward the end of the month.). Hard core scriptin should start at the end of October.


  7. Love this game!!! I actually look forward to DMD updates a lot more than Melody. Melody is also an amazing game and have been supporting since I found your site / games. DMD though is my favorite, please keep up the great work. Looking forward to the MMF or MMMMF route lol, maybe more exhibition but will be happy with whatever the game provides!!!


  8. just donated to the game but through Humble Bundle as a gift for someone else but I thought I donated to the game specifically. Please let me know if they take out a servicing fee so in future I can donate directly to you in order for you to get full amount of the donation. Thank you and keep up the great work!


      1. Can’t wait for the next update at the end of November my friend! Keep up the great work on both games.


  9. 1:excellent work congratulations

    2:Do you consider including the French or Spanish language?

    I do not speak completely in English. Sorry


  10. Hello im new to dmd, and i must say i really enjoy playing it.
    Loving the dialogs, the love story, the daugthers Character, how she looks, the storyline, the gameplay, everything. Thanks mr dots for this amazing work, i really hope you will continue forever !
    Can’t wait for the next update !


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