DMD v.20 Photoshoot With Cassandra

Hello again everyone!

It’s time for another set of previews for DMD 😀

This photoshoot scene will happen during the afternoon of Day 20. You, as the player, will be able to choose from three different outfits for D. The last outfit will be available after choosing the poses in a certain order. The walkthrough will be a huge help if you have it 🙂

Here they are. Enjoy 😀



32 thoughts on “DMD v.20 Photoshoot With Cassandra

    1. la dernière mise a jour de l’année ou pour le jeu par lui même, le titre le dernier jour, es pour la virginité de D ou pour l’histoire elle même. c’est inquiètent et j’aimerai savoir parce que il y a beaucoup de potentiel et de chemins a suivre dans ce jeu.


  1. Man, I really do love this game. I am so happy that you guys decided to keep this alive. It seems since the Patreon crackdown, there are too many developers who outright stopped developing their games or changed them to the point that they most, if not all, of their initial appeal. Thank you again. All I want with this game is to see the Father & Daughter have a happy ending. However, a harem ending would be nice, too 🙂


    1. +1

      The harem ending has a particular appeal for me, since I rather like the more petite Elena (and Jennifer for that matter). Anyway, I think a three-way with Elena should be in the books, there have been enough options so far, to convince me that is a “happy ending” option.


  2. Looking at these outfits, D has come a long way from the photo shoot with Georgina earlier. There’s no way that D would have modeled these outfits.


  3. She is a Goddess, as always.
    As others have said, when patreon cracked down, I thought everything would be lost. I’m relieved to see it hasn’t. Your work is awesome. It’s more than worth the payment hassles.


  4. Here’s why these new renderings are so great to me, because they are gorgeous on their own without anything added: the story has taken MC and D along a path of greeting after 10 years, dates, teaching her how to date, going to holiday at the beach, meeting new friends, learning to touch each other, meeting her celebrity Coco, going to a romance night and winning (at least something), meeting her friends, having her taken from MC and spirited out of the country, traveling to find her and finding her…and on and in and on.

    That’s what makes these renderings now so spectacular.

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  5. This is such a wonderful story…it’s the first game that has sucked me into an all-nighter in many a year. I’ve been on the harem track all along, but now that I’ve fallen so in love with D I am now compelled to start all over with a daughter only track just so I can have a pure guilt-free experience. Keep up the inspiring work and I can’t wait to meet Melody.

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  6. Fantastic news, so happy you guys keep this game going. Melody is great but not being on that dreadfull patreon platfporm full of childish rules i do hope you make this game naughtier and more XXX then it would ever be possible on patredull.

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  7. Man I love your work! Ch 2 was wonderful. I can’t help but go back to Ch 1 and the relationship between Georgina and MC. D was taken with Georgina and I think an alternative ending might be a threeway relationship in that direction. The possibilities are endless! Keep up the good work!

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  8. Mrdots, why it’s not possible to update melody and dmd month after month? Too long to wait for the next update for 2 months! I like melody too but, would be great to make dmd updates some more.


    1. Probably the same reason the rest of us can’t double our work output in real life. I would love to have both games get comprehensive updates every day, but time and money being what it is I understand that this is probably an unrealistic expectation.


  9. I am kinda confused because i don’t know if I have played the latest version and I have a question

    So will this new update (0.20) gonna start me from day 19 awaken up at the morning? Or did I miss something?


  10. Might it be possible that Cassandra is the one taking the pictures while f is doing something else in the meantime that might drive the plot forward? Time alone with e where she tells him she knows all? Something else that might drive the story of f and d’s escape?


  11. DMD capitolo 1 lo rifatto almeno 10 volte…ho cercato tutte le combinazioni di scelte possibili. Ora voglio sperimentare il seguito Capitolo 2 e attendo il vostro aggiornamento. Vorrei che la storia padre e figlia andasse avanti. Mi piace che anche gli altri personaggi abbiano avuto le loro storie con altri personaggi. Ma lo,sguardo della figlia …Non ha eguali…grafica eccezionale. Spero mantenga questo stile e grafica dei personaggi principali. Grazie per il suo lavoro. Ottimo lavoro. Un gioco pettacolare per trama e grafica.


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