Happy New Year 2019

Hi guys,

I’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Sadly, I didn’t have time to create an image pack 😦 but I thought I could share this picture with all of you.

Thanks so much to all of you, for sticking with me during this pretty difficult year. Things didn’t go according to our plans but we managed to keep working on DMD and make it the way we wanted to in the first place.

As I said before, the story will continue in 2019 so there’s a lot of content left to create for the game. So don’t worry, there will be more hot scenes of D and the girls in 2019!! 😀

So that’s it for now guys.

Happy New Year, stay safe and I’ll be in touch again in a few week’s time!


FULL IMAGE: https://i.imgur.com/RxXfZ4d.jpg


26 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2019

  1. Happy New year. May this be an awesome year for you and may all you hard work pays off. When is the next update releasing? Love your work. Keep it up

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    1. Hi there.
      We’ll have an announcement in about months time and post up an official release date for v21 (which should be in late March).
      Stay tuned!


  2. I love you created game about – Melody, she is so good, there is everything and history, and love, and well-designed sex scenes, especially I like the story with Melody, I go through only with her, I didn’t do anything with other girls, Melodie liked too much the game is very well thought out, I plunged into the story completely and I still can not move away from it, thanks to the authors =), really looking forward to continue!
    (I am Russian, translation – Google Translate)


  3. Your Games are ABSOLUTELY: awesome, best ever, out of this world………..sooo lovely,cute, WOW!!! The Story, the Characters, the Paintings… Game made my heart beating faster, be happy, be worried and, and, and,….Thank you so much !!!
    I CAN´T WAIT FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry for my bad English !!! ( I´m from Austria)


    1. His Patreon was updated, he’s working on the next release of Melody. DMD will probably be the last weekend in March.


  4. Hi
    I just finished the game DMD (CH1+2) and awesome … I am waiting for more update ..
    I really like the passage with “Elena” epic!! and “Jennifer” with the panties on the pillow 😀
    vivement la suite !!
    a plus!

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  5. Man, that picture says it all. I love the variation in the girls, and as always, they all look amazing. I am thoroughly enjoying Melody, but as always my love is for DMD. Especially with how the last update ended. I can’t wait to see how it goes from there. Thanks again for all you guys do!

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