Cooking And Dancing (v0.21)

Hi everyone! We’re back with a new preview for DMD v0.21.

We’ll be working on the game this month and the release date for this new update is March 30th.

For those who don’t know, we’ve created a SubscribeStar page to test their services. So if you’d like to support us there, here’s the link:

I’ll be posting some extra previews there for our new supporters 😉



Full Image Link:


12 thoughts on “Cooking And Dancing (v0.21)

  1. Hey MrDot, did you read this in Subscribestar?

    Prohibited Uses
    You are prohibited from using this site (subscribestar) or it’s content:
    Point J – for any obscene or immoral purpose
    ***Porn is considered as obscene and/or immoral

    Take care there.


    1. There are many adult creators on SS, and our profile was manually approved so I’m not sure what they consider to be obscene or not. But you’re right. We will be careful. After what happened with Patreon, we don’t fully trust in any of these companies.

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  2. Thank you for all that you have done in making these games people can’t wait to see the next version on march 30 so thank you can’t wait to see what happens


  3. For the v20 update you said “DMD is now available through HumbleBundle for a one-off price of $10US…We could’ve added the option to make it a “pay-per-update”, but the most important thing is for you the fans to be able to play the game.”

    Are you saying that’s now no longer the case? Is it now gone back to pay-per-update?


    1. No, HumbleBundle customers will still be receiving updates until the game finishes. SubscribeStar is for those who want to support the studio on a monthly basis and also receive updates and previews. We might add future games to SS but that’s only if they prove to be a reliable company. Only time will tell.


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